Mog 's Christmas Calamity: Book Review

If you have enjoyed the recent Christmas advert from Sainsbury's, you have no doubt seen or heard about the accompanying book with the added bonus of a matching Mog plush toy, which is absolutely gorgeous!

If you aren't aware of the new book, Mog's Christmas Calamity, it is a brilliant new Mog story, written and illustrated as always by the wonderful Judith Kerr,  undoubtedly one of our best children's authors and definitely one of our very favourites!

Aside from being yet another lovely, beautifully illustrated story, £2 from every book sold will go to the Save The Children Charity. What's not to love! As a budding illustrator and children's  author, I find Judith so inspiring and it's amazing to see her back again doing what she does best.

If you love Mog and are familiar with the 'bother that cat' scenarios of the other books, you will love this story. We are huge fans of Mog and always have been. This is something now passed down to our children and I'm sure this will be the case for generations to come.
In this story, we find a well  meaning Mog fast asleep having a dream where she is about to enjoy a giant delicious egg, that swiftly turns to a bird attacking nightmare! Mog being Mog wakes up and inadvertently causes a disaster (as per) and this time starts a house fire!

As Mog's adventure unfolds, she manages to lead the fire brigade back to the house to tackle the flames, making Mog the hero - much like our other favourite, Mog the Forgetful Cat! Everyone is OK but very sad that their family Christmas has Ben ruined.
Very soon though, the lovely neighbours rally round with their festive joy and supplies. Christmas is back on, everyone is happy and if you're  wondering whether or not Mog got her egg? You will have to find out for yourself!

I love this book, it has the old school charm of all the Mog books we know and love. This is yet another classic and the nostalgic feel of this book is so enjoyable. Both our children love this story and they are yet to receive their cuddly toys, which I know will be treasured forever.

You can buy this book right now and it's the perfect Christmas gift! I did give mine early though as I couldn't wait, and I'm so excited to give them their Mog toys on Christmas day! 

Are you a Mog fan? Have you read this book? 

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Disclosure: In this review, all words and thoughts are my own.
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