My 2016 Health Quest

Over the last year I have lost a great deal of weight, but although I can see a difference when I compare or look back on pictures, the mirror tells a completely different story. Will I ever see a slimmer me, or is it in built to see the same old person looking back?

As much as I'd love to look in the mirror and think 'wow, hot mama', I'd really just like to look in there and see a fit healthy person shining back. This year, I want to continue to get to that point and try and push myself and my body that little bit harder.

I've not really been into sports or anything since school and I haven't been to a gym recently A) because of cost and B) I don't know when on earth I'd find the time or energy to go. Recent health matters mean that I have qualified for a free gym referral, so I now have zero excuses not to at least squeeze a couple of weekly sessions in. I also got some roller boots (all hail the broken neck) so I hope to give those a try too when it warms up a little. 

As much as I don't want to set targets (in case I don't achieve them), a steady half a pound a week loss would see me closer to my overall goal, so I am loosely putting that out there as my aim for this year as well as improving my overall health and fitness generally. I don't have many vices to avoid, I don't smoke,  I rarely drink, so my only one really is the food and in particular, sugar which has crept back in lately. 

I will be trying out a few new techniques and products throughout the year to keep my motivation fresh and look forward to seeing those numbers dwindle on the scale and doing more shopping for smaller clothes, something I am very much enjoying!

To anyone out there also on a health quest this year, please stay in touch, share motivation on Instagram and feel free to give any tips along the way as they are always gratefully received. 

Thanks for reading,