My Week In Pictures

So as you'd expect, our days right now lay a little on the festive side. Here are just a few snaps from our week last week, starting with our cheeky Elf Ned, who went somewhat AWOL but was eventually found safe and well camping out behind the sofa. Thanks kids! 

I am unbelievably shattered but finding happiness in every day and trying to smile where I can, so here's a little of that.

My boy A met Santa for the first time on the most amazing Christmas day out that I'll share with you later in the week. He got a musical robot. A very loud musical robot... thank you Santa.

Me and baby S spend a lot of time in our park. It's so beautiful whatever the weather and so exciting for kids, what's not to love? Here we are on a Billy goat bridge feeding the birds.

One particular pigeon, Roy, is really tame and greedy, landing on us for food! 

The Christmas treats are creeping in thick and fast but my.mains are usually pretty healthy! I already feel a bit ill from junk food so I'm hoping the novelty will wear off before too much damage is done. If not, at least it will be fun! I loved this prawn stir fry though, my new favourite.

Lots of lovely girl time with this beauty while the boys are at work and nursery.

Every year I buy a couple of new special baubles for the tree. This year this is my favourite from Sainsbury's. 

I don't get to draw very often but I really need to start again. I really enjoyed it this week. I will be asking Santa for some new pens though this year as they have gradually been stolen by little people!

Another favourite from our day out, a baby donkey (my favourite) looking totally loony! I love this picture.

We decorated our tree together while we waited for Mr. W to come home from work and they absolutely loved it! We had the best festive afternoon including cuddles and Christmas music, one of those 'perfect' days.

Baby S decided to fill our advent house with cheese puffs, and why not?

This is my favourite time of year and I love seeing the house looking all twinkly and festive! Part of me also secretly looks forward to the time we put the house back to normal, it always looks so much cleaner and bigger,

We were invited to a birthday party and made the most of the ball pool, I love this place! Baby S tried her best bridal look out while a crazy A did his best jumps into the pool.

Thanks for reading,