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Chatty Feet Socks: Review

Chatty Feet!

I absolutely love socks (yes I am weird) and my addiction took me to new heights (and obsessions) when I started out as a sock monkey maker a few years ago. All those colours and patterns out there are made for me, I always love getting them for Christmas and I am very disappointed if I don't get any!

I was recently contacted by gift brand Chatty Feet to review/play with their amazing family of socks. The Chatty Feet designs come in all shapes and sizes as you can see below.

Funny Gift For Kids - Cool socks with faces Funny kids' sock set one Funny Gift Idea For Kids - Cool Socks

The socks we were sent were really very cool! For the boys, it was socks in the gangster character of 'Don Cottone' and for us ladies it was a pretty little 'Loli' print sock. 

First thoughts

I loved opening the set of these socks and seeing our big pairs with our dinky little doubles there too. The socks are really good quality, printed perfectly and super soft to wear - much better than my usual buys. I loved the quirky illustrations, as did the whole family and the kids were desperate to get their hands (and feet) on them. Beautiful socks.


The kids loved using these as puppets and even Soph who is nearly two did little character voices and seemed thrilled that her socks matched mine and couldn't stop looking at them

My husband loved the gangster theme socks and Alf adored matching Daddy and insists we ALL wear our matching socks on the same day which makes for a little more of an organised wash than usual. We had lots of fun with these and the kids loved showing these to anyone and everyone that would give them the time of day to show off their pretty socks, and ours...


These socks are the perfect gift. They cost a little bit more than your average pair at £23 for a set of four but they are certainly special, they feel super comfortable, they are silky soft and will last a very long time due to the quality of the materials. The illustrations are quirky and imaginative without containing any regular superheroes or characters which I loved, these are truly unique and creative. I love anything that gives us grown ups a little fun as well as the kids! Life is far too short for boring socks.

Having a whole family of socks is pure fun and I think it would be an adorable set to gift a family with a new baby or a good way to make a pregnancy announcement maybe? With Father's Day just around the corner I love these as a quirky treat for those Daddios and I would love to add to our collection too. I can't pick any fault with these, they were perfect in every way!

We loved ours and if you do too you can pick some up online at

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