Monday, June 6

Soph School // Circles

Circle Day

When Alf goes to school now, Soph is totally distraught every single time and tells me 'I want to go school with bruvva'. This is cute agreed, but also sad that she's growing up so fast. I think she may just need a little 'more' in her day now - cue the 'we can't afford nursery' guilt which luckily doesn't bother me too much this time round, but I am guilty of maybe not being quite as on the ball as I was with Alf.

I decided that as Alf had so much one on one time, that I would try and use my time a little more constructively with her now and try and do a specific learning activity each week at least once that isn't just 'play'. I used to set up all kinds of special activities for Alf when he was little and although I have done them both activities, our alone time tends to be more relaxing or getting things done - boring for Soph.

This week I decided we would start with a nice easy one - fun with circles. Exploring, mark making, rolling, crawling and feeling circles and all things round!

I picked up a super long play tunnel in poundstretcher for just £5.99 and joined it to the old pop up tent for Soph to explore. I also got out our amazing ball collection which she has always enjoyed playing with, so that we could roll them down the tube, feel all the different textures, hear the different sounds and name some colours. As well as the balls I had our collection of bangles so that Soph could put balls through them, stack them and make some glasses for her little face.

All in all we had a great day exploring circles together. I didn't manage to capture everything on camera but here are the activities we did;

  • Playing with the (round) tunnel
  • Playing with the ball collection exploring sounds colours and textures
  • Mark making in the sand, going round and round
  • Mark making with garden chalk (round and round!)
  • Bangle towers
  • Bouncing and rolling balls to eachother

I loved focusing on a theme today and giving Soph a little more structure to her play, it was great fun and actually made the day a lot easier and less manic. I can't wait until our next 'lesson'! 

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