Thursday, June 2

Health Quest // June motovation

June Motivation

Things have carried on being a little static weight loss wise. To be honest I hadn't even got on the scales until last week and I really hope to change all that for June. I've spent another month feeling pretty sluggish and increasingly more uncomfortable as the weather improved. I still carry excess weight causing pain in my dodgy pelvis, so I really do need to get it in gear! My main meals have been well thought out and pretty bang on, but I am still struggling with snacking - so that will be my main focus this month.

For June, I am not setting any particular goals as such but there are a few things in motion and a few more that I want to try. Here's ten things I am aiming to do in June;
  • Cut down on chocolate
  • Stick to my trial for Gravitate Nutrition
  • Reduce fizzy drinks
  • Drink more water
  • Take the dog for a jog a few evenings a week
  • Think before I snack
  • Boycott the biscuit tin
  • Attend my Weight Watchers meetings
  • Get more sleep
  • Start home workouts again at least once a week

With that list in mind and all those little changes in place, I should soon start to see a little improvement in my health again and hopefully a little downwards movement on the scales too.

I look forward to my next update and hopefully a little more progress with getting to goal. I am starting June 64 pounds down since I started post pregnancy with Soph (90lbs down from my highest weight).

Have a happy June!

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