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Teeth whitening with White Glo

Since having children I haven't been giving my teeth half the attention they deserve and they have become discoloured as a result. I'm lucky to not have any decay particularly but I do have sensitive areas which has put me off going through any kind of intensive tooth whitening, for fear of damaging them further.

I was recently offered a trial package of 'White Glo', a tooth paste and stain removing tooth brush, in order to help get my teeth back to their former glory. I was excited to see if it would work as I simply had to replace my regular brush and paste and get started.

White Glo believe in affordable and effective tooth whitening solutions and are market leaders in Australia, with a great reputation and now sell right here in the UK for around the same price as a good quality regular tooth paste - which really surprised me!

The toothpaste itself doesn't look or taste any different to any other mint paste but I found it did foam and fluff up quickly and maybe a little too much, but did clean very effectively. The flavour is pretty mild and doesn't sting the mouth in any way.

I have tested White Glo now for a week, simply replacing for my usual brand and I have definitely seen an improvement in the colour. The difference is not huge but it is noticeable (for me anyway) and I think after another week or so the improvement will be a bit more obvious. I tried to portray the change in pictures but it doesn't really do it justice as I don't think you can really see a difference.

(I will update with any further progress pictures at a later date.)

I think if this toothpaste had cost a fortune I would be a little disappointed with the results especially in the pictures, but as it was a simple tooth paste swap I was really happy to notice any change as I always buy whitening kinds and there is never usually a noticeable change.

My teeth are definitely lighter and brighter after this weeks trial so I would certainly say White Glo is worth a try. I didn't look at the price until I came to write my review and I am really impressed at the value.

For a full list of stockists you can click here or visit the Amazon affiliate link below if you'd like to order on line.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample set for review purposes, all images and words are my own. Contains affiliate link.

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