Wednesday, June 22

New Exante Desserts // Review

New desserts from Exante

Last year I was lucky enough to take part in a two week trial for diet brand Exante. I loved the Exante shakes and successfully lost 13 lbs over the two weeks.

Recently, Exante launched a new range of products, a selection of puddings which can be eaten as a meal replacement if you are on plan, or just as a healthier protein packed alternative to a cheeky pud. My initial thoughts were that I would probably prefer a shake to these if I was doing full days of Exante, but the flavours sounded delicious so I looked forward to trying them out.


The puddings I was sent included some of my sweet favourites, they were;

  • Chocolate delight
  • Butterscotch delight
  • Strawberry delight
  • Eton mess

The desserts come in powder form in sachets and my first thought is how it's a pretty generous portion, a big thick bowlful, really similar to other 'delightful whipped puddings' but a little thicker!


I was a little apprehensive about these desserts, I knew they would be 'OK' but feared they may taste a bit 'protein shakey' and not be very filling. I was wrong though, the puddings were all very tasty and filling too! I think I would actually choose these equally to the shakes as they were so satisfying.

The flavours were really good, they were all pretty similar tasting in a way but they were really nice and didn't feel like a diet food or that I was being deprived in any way. In actual fact having this as a meal would feel a bit naughty so it could work really well if you are on Exante and having sweet cravings.

You can see the full range of desserts over on the website including the new range which I would definitely recommend trying as part of a VLCD or protein rich diet.

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