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The Dinosaur That Pooped A Rainbow/Daddy! >> Review

Danny & His Dinosaur...

We are huge fans of the Dinosaur That Pooped books and there is nothing more funny it seems to our four year old Alf (and his 32 year old Dad) than poop and fart jokes.

Our daughter Soph loves her books now too and although she loves the story books, I love that there are now new additions to the collection, aimed at younger toddlers. These cardboard picture books have simple stories based around learning things like colours and numbers.

NB - These books are not an extension of the other books (Pooped a planet etc), but simple board books aimed at pre-schoolers.

We were asked to review the newest arrivals, the Dinosaur that pooped a rainbow and the dinosaur that pooped a Daddy - Father's day gift idea maybe? We couldn't wait to read them!

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Rainbow

First up is 'The Dinosaur That Pooped A Rainbow'. As mentioned, these are board books which means that each page is thick cardboard, perfect for exploring little fingers to handle without causing damage. 

The story of this book sees our much loved characters, Danny & Dinosaur on their adventures after seeing a rainbow. The fun filled pair partake in activities related to each colour such for example, camping in an orange tent.

The book is short, but the perfect length for a young toddler/baby that is starting to enjoy their little books. I love that as my two already know the characters, they know that at some point there will be poop and they just find it hilarious every time, no matter how many times in a row we read it - usually a lot!!

This book was enjoyed by Alf (4), but aimed for a much younger audience. Soph (23 months) enjoyed it and enjoys pointing out the colours she knows and pointing out the poop explosion at the end! A great introduction to the characters for little eyes and ears.


The Dinosaur That Pooped A Daddy

Similar to the rainbow book, this too is aimed at a far younger audience than the previous titles. This book focuses on a theme of numbers and we much preferred the flow of this one to the rainbow book, though both went down well.

In this book we see Danny and his dinosaur looking for Danny's Daddy, counting down from ten to one as they go, with each of the (12) pages showing a different illustration representing a new number.

This is a super simple and quick little book that of course, once again ends with a poop! Both kids enjoyed this one much more than the rainbow book, I think because they felt the anticipation of getting closer to the number one (literally), knowing the explosion and funny moment was to come.

This would be a lovely baby/toddler gift for Father's Day or gift in general. These books are not a continuation of the paper back ones, but simply an introduction to the series for a younger audience - it's actually pretty clever and I wish we had had these when Alf was little so the stories could grow with him. Luckily Soph can really enjoy these and work up to the longer paper backs full time.

I think these cheeky books are a nice alternative to the normal counting and colour books. The illustrations and humour are much more likely to engage children and if they enjoy it, they are much more likely to remember what they are learning! ...Even if it does fuel their ever growing love for the brown stuff.

You can pick up these books >>here and also download your very own Father's Day card >>here and activity sheets >>here.



  1. I think I'll get these books for my boy, he loves all the other ones. Thank you for the link to the fathers day card. It's perfect for my son to give to his daddy :) xxx

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