Wednesday, June 22

Kid Crafts // Sparkly Sea Pictures

Craft time with Soph: Under the sea

Soph has been really into finding Nemo lately, she loved watching the fish tank at her cousins house and has inherited her brothers love for googly eyes, so today it was an under the sea craft time.

We got a huge pad of coloured card from Aldi to play with so had lots of nice colours as well as our trusty jar of craft treasures which I add to all the time. Anything sparkly, stringy, textured etc goes in the jars and at some point and then gets glued heavily onto one of the kids masterpieces.

I love how Soph will sit and really intricately place things on the page and apply glue, it took Alf a lot longer to grow that patience, his craft times were always short and sweet until recently where he will take a little more care. I could watch their little fingers do this all day.

One happy girl today as she got to do the glueing sticking and even the glitter sprinkling all by herself, I'll be finding that everywhere for months but it's worth it for that smile. 

We started with a blue background and tore up some green card to use as seaweed. I cut out the fish and octopus shapes for her and the rest was up to Soph, she loves spreading lots of messy glue and really gets the googly eyes in the right place which I love. Her character really comes through in the picture its sparkly, bright and funny, just like her.

Here she is nearly finished, she just wanted to add a few more sparkly bits...

Soph had a great time making her picture and we are doing it again with her big brother tomorrow. We are finishing our under the sea day with fish fingers for tea and watching The Little Mermaid! I love days like these.

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  1. Aww this is so adorable. Look at her cute proud little face!
    Your little ones must have so much fun with you :)
    Also, I love the idea of a sort of bits & bobs jar, I need that!
    Sarah xxx


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