June 14, 2016

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GlassesShop.Com Review & Giveaway

I've recently started wearing prescription glasses and my husband Adam has worn them since his teenage years. One thing is for sure, it can be a pretty pricey affair, especially with all the add ons, special lenses and sunglasses.

Adam suggested recently that he buy eyeglasses online which I was very apprehensive about. He tends to struggle enough finding a pair he likes in the shops, so I imagined online glasses shopping would just result in glasses that didn't fit and annoying postal returns - probably resulting in a very grumpy husband and stressful trip into the city with the kids to pay triple the price.

When I was asked if I would like to review for glasses website Glassesshop.com, we jumped at the chance to try their service and see what it would actually be like. I decided to get Adam some new frames as a 'treat' as he was in dire need of new ones and wears them all day every day. I was excited to see what the quality and fit would be like, but figured at worst Adam would have a couple of spares for the car or riding his bike. I was intrigued to see how the cheap sunglasses would differ to our high street alternatives.

We chose two pairs of glasses, one was the 'Reno' style, and the other 'Hyannis' frames. We requested the Reno to be sunglasses as Adam really struggles driving in the sunshine in his normal glasses, doesn't get on with contact lenses and his current sunglasses were broken by little hands!


The first thing that struck me on the Glasses Shop website was the variety available. There are lots of styles and colours available which you are thankfully able to sort by gender, size, colour, material, as well as frame type. The filtering made it super simple to narrow down our search, where Adam chose his favourites. Postage to the UK is around £2.51 and for us, took just over two weeks all in - not bad at all. We were kept updated well with our order and looked forward to seeing them when they arrived.

First Impressions

I was really excited to see the quality of the glasses when they were delivered. The specs came neatly packed in cardboard boxes with a decent solid clear glasses case, large cleaning cloth and the glasses themselves. Also, there was vouchers for future orders with 30% off.

I was pretty wowed by the glasses themselves, they looked and felt solid, the hinge was great quality and overall they just looked like they would have cost a LOT more than they would have - very impressed. The coating on the glasses is usually a pricey extra but was all included with GlassesShop which we liked.

Hyannis Glasses

The Hyannis frames are a classic black frame with silver detailing, pretty on trend at the moment and Adam's signature look for the past 15 years. The frame itself is strong and sturdy, they have a very strong hinge and felt really good quality. The fit was perfect, the prescription was exactly as requested and he has really enjoyed wearing them this past few weeks.

Reno Sunglasses

The Reno sunglasses are just genius! We just expected coloured (black) lenses, but in actual fact there is a lovely pair of glasses, with a magnetic sunglasses lens that sticks on top. I don't know how we missed that from the description but it was a great surprise.

 If we had read about these we would maybe have thought they wouldn't work well, but they really do and the design is perfect for Adam on his commute to work as he can quickly switch between sunglasses and regular glasses without a dangerous switch over of frames. He demonstrated this A LOT as he thought it was cool - and it is.

Both parts of this set are amazing quality. The frames are solid, a perfect fit and prescription bang on. We couldn't be happier with our sample specs and will definitely be back for more - in fact Adam is choosing his next pair specifically for his mountain biking right now.

All in all, as you have probably guessed - we are huge fans of this website and Adams new frames. The quality more than surpassed our expectations and this experience has completely changed my opinion of ordering frames online. This service will save us a fortune, the frames fit perfectly, there was a huge choice and the service was great. I can't really think of a negative at all, it was a smooth happy transaction.

Giveaway & Discount

As a reader of my blog, you can try out GlassesShop.Com using a special 50% off discount code (below) making these great value glasses an even better buy! 50% off sunglasses and eyeglasses (sale frames excluded).

Discount Code >> GSHOT50


I am ordering myself a gorgeous pair of cat eye frames and as we have been so happy, GlassesShop have offered a pair from this cat eye page for one lucky reader (example below!) which you can enter to win via the Gleam app below. Good luck!

Disclosure: We were sent samples in exchange for an honest review. Giveaway advertised on U Me & The Kids & Prizefinder.


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