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Little Party Parcels // Review & Discount Code

Party Bags!

As a kid I always loved party bags and it's nice now seeing that same excitement with my own children when they go to their little parties. They love a mixture of little treats and having a dig through the goodies when they get home.

I was asked recently to review some party bags and products from Little Party Parcels, which I knew the kids would absolutely love to help me investigate!

Firstly, a little more from Jennifer at Little Party Parcels;
"The main aim of the business is to offer choice and flexibility when purchasing party bags. everything is sold individually so money is not wasted on buying two packs of 6 items when you may only have 9 children attending. Some of our customers have very specific requirements and want unique party bags, others see it as a necessary evil and after spending money on a party, catering and the main birthday gift do not want to spend too much more on a party bag, we hope we offer choices to suit our customers needs without them being charged silly prices."

We were sent a variety of party fillers to explore, some of which sell at only a few pence each making this a really affordable option for party bags, wedding activity bags and gift boxes. The great thing about this site is the fact that you can buy the items individually, buying exactly what you want and make it as basic or as exciting as your budget will allow. Some of these things wont last particularly long as with most party bag fillers, so it's great that it's cheap as chips for us, but the kids will love them.

There seems to be a good selection of fillers for all ages, with stationary and games for older children, toys for toddlers and sweets to suit everyone in between. I love the themed bags such as the Star Wars and the superhero set. We loved the superhero set and both kids really loved the mask! This set for example comes pre-filled with bag included for just 90p which is great! It certainly isn't worth trying to put them together yourself at these prices, so they are perfect for making one job that little bit easier at party time.

Our favourite party bag filler is the rocket balloons, we had them at our wedding so we were delighted to see them included in our parcel. I love the idea of this website, Little Party Parcels make it super easy to put affordable party bags together, allowing you to buy the bags, boxes and fillers whilst avoiding high street prizes and giving your guests a bag of fun to take away.

I would definitely use this site again for our own parties, it's a site run by parents, for parents and it's clear they understand what us and our children want from party bags.

You can see the full range of goods for sale as well as wholesale options for other businesses, schools and entertainers over on their website. To get a special 10% discount on your order, simply enter my unique reader code - WAFFLEMAMA at the checkout.

Disclosure: I was sent samples in exchange for
an honest review. All words and images are my own.

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