Sunday, June 5

Photography: The Camera Loving Alpaca!

Confidence Is Beautiful!

I was all ready to write a nice little post about our family day out and I'm sure I will, but I felt this guy/gal? Needed a little solo time and recognition for its performance today.

Our days out always result in a paparazzi session for me and I love animal and flower photography most of all. At our trip to Rand Farm Park in Lincolnshire, this cheeky little alpaca really played up to the camera, I swear it knew what I was doing and the pictures are so funny I just had to share. The weather was pure sunshine today so these are simply cropped but with no editing required, a perfect day, with a perfect (toothy) beauty. Enjoy!

Now look at this last picture and tell me she (let's call her Barbara) doesn't know what a camera is? This alpaca made us laugh so much and these pictures are hilarious! It just goes to show that it's the presence and confidence that makes for a beautiful picture - lesson learnt!

Say cheese!


  1. I love Alpacas haha!
    They're so funny. Look at his awesome hair do!
    He sure is photogenic! Haha
    Sarah xxx


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