Friday, June 3

Where's My Baby Gone?

'Baby' Soph

Yep, you guessed it this is one of those 'where does the time go?' with a pinch of a 'why do they grow so quick?' post and it's very relevant today with my 'baby' Soph who is all of a sudden, any thing but a baby.

Alf loves to choose his sisters outfits, a junior stylist in the making and he just nails it in the cute stakes every single time! He loves her in tutus, Frozen prints and lots of colour - she looked adorable today but so grown up. I know I will look back on this time and say how she was just a baby and looked so dinky, but right now I am just seeing her transform into this bright sunny little girl with the biggest blue eyes and beaming cheeky smile. She is absolutely gorgeous in every way.

Earlier this evening she woke up for a quick cuddle and I just held her thinking how much she has changed. Her face and body is girl shaped instead of baby shaped and she has a proper little neck now she has lost some baba squish, especially with her hair tied up which makes her look about five years older.

It's completely crazy that Soph will turn two next month and baffles me how two years has passed since I was sat with Alf making toys for this little person we didn't even know yet. Alf's always been so excited about having a sister and most the time they are so cute and lovely together. They have their sibling wars at times but nothing makes me happier than hearing them chat away to each other, watching them have a spontaneous cuddle and her ask him 'you alright bruvva?' - adorable.

I love our little family and the last nearly two years have gone stupidly fast so I will be making the most of saying I have a one year old for a bit longer and continue to be blown away by how much she changes every day, all her new words, dance moves and the sweet little things she does to make us laugh.

Now there's this little girl shaped funny bunny, where has my baby gone??

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