Friday, June 17

Weight Watchers Smartpoints >> Free Foods & Week 1

Hello Smartpoints

I have struggled with my weightloss this year and to be honest, since Christmas I have managed to slowly pile on over a stone which I am totally gutted about and feel very disappointed in myself. I have spent months yo-yoing and it has to stop.

I was recently offered a free trial of the new Weight Watchers plan in order to help shift this last few stone and hopefully improve my quality of life, health and reduce the pain on my poorly hips and back.

The new plan is called Smartpoints and if you haven't heard of it, Smartpoints encourages you to point for healthy food. I have always been a little 'anti pointing', as it seemed bizarre that you could point a bag of crisps for the same as a nice big Apple on older plans. Sure, it helped people lose weight but it didn't change habits or thought processes, as you could point for junk, so it wasn't a maintainable lifestyle change long term.

The new plan though, it 'charges' you more points for high sugar high carb foods to encourage you to use them a little more wisely. The plan will still only work if you stay within your points and resist cheating - so as with all diets it's down to willpower more than anything else, but it's shiny, new, healthy and has my attention.

I attended my first meeting on Wednesday which to be frank was an awful experience with a screaming toddler, but we made it through the meeting, filled the forms,  met some of the helpers and stood on those dreaded scales. Do you know what? Actually going there, weighing in and being honest with myself was the best start back into it I could give myself.

I completed my first day within points, sounds easy enough but I'm actually very proud as my mood is low and I'm tired too. Writing things down and monitoring my fridge raids and constant snacking is a real eye opener as to quite how bad my habits have got. Even after one good day I Physically feel better already.

I just need to keep this up now and get  my healthy on. Wish me luck and if anyone reading this has any low smart point meal or snack ideas please let me know.

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  1. I'd not heard of SmartPoints, but saw your Instagram and searched on your blog ;) Good Luck with the plan, think it's great that it is much more encouraging to eat the healthier items, makes it easier to create good habits


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