Saturday, June 02, 2018

Healthy Mama || Better Sleep With The Perfection Pillow - Review

Like many people, particularly parents, I'm totally sleep deprived and now the kids are bigger I can't even really use the kids as an excuse as they rarely wake in the night or come in our bed now. It's usually just me laying awake enjoying the quiet time and trying to get comfortable.

Me and Adam are always on the look out for the perfect pillow, one with the right amount of squishyness, high enough to feel right but not cause neck ache and one that lasts more than a few weeks without going flimsy. We've tried a few memory foam pillows and although we've had some success, we've never found 'the one', so often blame our pillows for a rubbish night sleep.

We were recently asked to review a new pillow aptly named 'The Perfection Pillow' from I'm always happy to try new ones so we volunteered our services to give The Perfection pillow a test run and see if it had a positive impact helping us to get a better nights sleep.

About The Perfection Pillow

Perfection is a patented and certified medical device that is designed to naturally eliminate the key causes of sleep deprivation, such as teeth grinding, neck & back pain, tossing and turning, insomnia, snoring, and sleep apnea. 

With a head dip designed to keep the spine aligned and a dedicated shoulder slot, Perfection ensures the optimal positioning for your head, neck and shoulders. By supporting the upper body frame in this way, your neck and shoulder muscles are spared any stress and strain as you sleep which improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight to help prevent stiffness. 

Perfection can also prevent tossing and turning. The stability of the head dip, whether you’re lying on your back or sides, ensures that you’re less likely to toss and turn during the night. “We’re hugely excited about the difference that the launch of Perfection will make to our customers’ wellbeing”, says Noel (Perfection Inventor), “We’re passionate about creating the world’s greatest sleep products”.

The Perfection pillow is currently on Kickstarter, with just 13 days to go. You can read all about the Kickstarter campaign and this fab pillow by clicking right here.

Our Review

My first thoughts when our Perfection pillow arrived was that it screamed high quality. With it's own branded travel bag it was instantly far superior than others we have tried and I couldn't wait to try it out. I've always said that the one thing I'd never scrimp on is a decent mattress having seen the benefits of that, but it's so true of pillows too and The Perfection has further concreted that fact over the past couple of weeks. 

The pillow is super soft to touch and feels very different to the 'memory foam' pillows we've had from regular shops that feel rock solid and hold the shape a little too much. The Perfection is a really strange shape, but it actually makes perfect sense in practise and I think it's pretty genius. It fits in a regular pillow case too, so no issues with bedding or needing special covers.

I let Adam trial this first as he's renowned for his grumpiness surrounding bedtime comfort and his search for the perfect pillow. For him, this didn't suit as he found it too low and awkward. He had only tried it for one night though and they do recommend that you try it for three nights to adapt to this unique pillow as it is so different to the normal high street options.

I've given the pillow a bit more of a chance, I've used it for nearly two weeks now and have really adapted to the shape and feel of the pillow and really enjoy sleeping on it.

To start with I had to get used to not having my arm under my pillow which is a bad habit and I'm pretty sure causes most my aches and pains from sleep. I love using this pillow for sitting up and reading before bed time, it's the perfect blend of firm and squishyness to make you super comfortable. Sleeping took some getting used too as I'm not used to an 'edge' on a pillow, but as it has the shape to fit naturally around your shoulders, it kind of just works and I must say that going from two cheap ish pillows to this alone has really taken some getting used to, but also reduced my back pain quite a bit, especially in the morning where it can often take a while to get up. I think being lower and sleeping at a better angle has really helped my posture during sleep and for me it's the perfect texture too and unlike anything I've felt before.

Although I'm still getting used to sleeping in a different position, I'm really pleased with my Perfection pillow so far and have noticed that I'm sleeping better and finding it easier to get comfy at bed time. My bed is my favourite place in our home and it's just got even better.

You can read all about The Perfection pillow by clicking right here and keep up with their exciting Kickstarter news over on Twitter.

Do you struggle to find the perfect pillow?