Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mama Style || Plant Perfect Summer Vibes

As my plant obsessions continue, I've moved from filling our home with green leafy splashes, to buying up palm and leaf print fabrics and clothing. I have plans for a few things I want to make myself, but thought I'd share some beautiful palm inspired clothing items that I think are perfect for summer, worn layered up with plainer colours or miss-matched together to pack a punch.

I love all of these and the bandanna has pride of place in my collection already. Just adding touches of leaf prints with things like bags and even make up storage can really lift your mood. Having a swim suit with sleeves is something I've always wanted, so I adore this palm print surf suit!

You can wear head to toe prints or just add a splash with some of these leafy Vans, either way there is so much in the stores right now and it's perfect for summer, with some bits being blendable all year round.

Are you into palm prints?

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