Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mama Style || Creating The Perfect Wardrobe

Right now I'm having a huge wardrobe crisis and I'm in the midst of a monster sort out. Every day I struggle to find what I'm looking for, I get lost in a sea of black Lycra and in honesty probably 90% of my clothes don't fit well after gaining a fair bit of weight. 

Although I know all the rules to creating the perfect wardrobe, I need to give myself a recap and a major kick up the backside and get it sorted. I am still trying to slim down a bit, so the smaller clothes will probably be stored away for now, but first I'll make sure they will be worn when the day comes. Ideally, the clothes that don't fit would just go to charity, but we don't have much money and so it doesn't make sense to get rid of clothes only to buy them again.

I thought I'd share some of the golden rules that make for creating the perfect wardrobe while I'm mid way through step one. It really brings me down seeing all these clothes i can't wear and frankly I don't have time on a busy morning to dig around for clothes or look at a swamp of clothing I can't even wear. So here's my top tips for creating the perfect wardrobe so you can join me on my venture...

Have a good clear out

Clearly a good wardrobe declutter is the obvious starting point when creating your perfect wardrobe. After countless weight loss efforts, changing shapes from having children and even finding how to work our style for our current age, creating the perfect wardrobe can feel pretty impossible with piles of clothes that you may love but can't wear, wear almost daily or haven't touched since the day they came home with you from the store. Clearing out the weeds and leaving you with simply clothing you will actually wear is so rewarding and makes the daily struggle of choosing the right thing to wear so much easier.

Before having a good clear out, it's important to know what to keep and what to give away. Before we can kick things to the curb or grace your wardrobe with their presence, you should always consider the following points;

Define your style

Finding your style as you get older can be really tricky. You may still be drawn to the same clothes you wore in your teens and that's OK. You may be drawn to more 'grown up' clothes or high fashion, that too is OK. The trick is defining your style right now and how you can reflect your style in some way with every single outfit choice. You may love all things goth but also love florals, whatever your style choices, you can make it work and it's all about blending all your favourite features, colours and styles to create the perfect wardrobe for you. 

For me, I love an alternative style, I love vintage style. At times I like to be more of a tom boy but on the odd day I feel the need to get super girly in bright colours and florals. To create my wardrobe I'll be looking for items that reflect that in some way as well as every day essentials to layer up or add a bit of sparkle when needed. I don't go out too often, but I do like to have some going out clothes at the ready, so I'll pick things that are simple, flattering and unlikely to feel outdated any time soon. I'll also pick daily favourites, with comforts for the school run, slightly dressier bits for more glam days and casual clothes for relaxing at home or going out with the family. Even when I'm slumming it on the sofa for a day, I still want to wear something that fits my brief, or it won't be at home in my wardrobe. Reflecting your style does make you feel good and that's exactly what we want from an outfit.

Find YOUR colours

Just like finding our style, finding the colours that suit you is also really vital. Sometimes we'll buy something because we like the pattern or like how it looks on someone else, but it doesn't suit us, doesn't make our eyes pop or makes us look drained and pale. For me, I love wearing black, but colour wise I head for greens, blues and yellow which seem to make me look brighter and healthier. I don't suit colours like pale pink and beige, and with pastels I need to head for blues and mint greens as opposed to baby yellows or pinks as they work so much better with my skin tone.

When shopping, head to your colours like a magpie and if it's another colour, question whether it really belongs with you.

Cater for all occasions

There's nothing worse than suddenly having an interview, swim day or night out and being completely ill prepared in the wardrobe department. Create a capsule wardrobe to cater for every occasion and as long as it suits your colours, shape, size and style, it's a keeper.

Find your shape friendly clothing

We are all different and no body is the same, so it's no wonder we can't all suit the same clothes. Find the best shapes and cuts for your body shape and work with it. Be honest with yourself when shopping and follow the rules for your body shape's clothing, whether it's pear, apple or hourglass. There are some things that just won't suit us, so if there's a dress you love but the shape doesn't suit, see if you can find an alternative that works for your shape.

Think quality over quantity

When it comes to our wardrobe, it's hard to keep things to a minimum especially if you're a serial shopper, but think quality over quantity. Buy things that are perhaps more special but you know you will wear to death, over a few cheap fixes that won't last long or will go out of fashion quick. It's nice to have lots of choice, but when you aren't 100% on everything hanging in your wardrobe, it gets increasingly more difficult to choose. Just think how easy it would be to get dressed each day if you loved everything you had and everything fit? This is definitely not me right now and I need a good cull! You don't necessarily have to chuck everything, but if you have things that don't currently fit that you intend to keep, pop them in storage, hide them in the loft, anything so you're not faced with them every single day.

Identify you essentials

Each of us will have our must have items; the perfect jeans, a little black dress, your favourite every day easy teeshirt. Whatever your essentials are, identify those and make sure you have fitting, good quality versions that fit you and are perfect for your shape.

Think in outfits

When you're sorting your wardrobe, think about what you can wear with things and realistically if it will work with an outfit for you. I have lots of tops currently that I just have no clue what to wear with and it's no good. When you pull something out in your wardrobe, you should instantly have some idea of how you will style it for the occasion. If you find that it doesn't work for you in any outfit formations, it has to go!

Shop carefully

Last and most important of all is to shop smart and carefully. Once you've sorted your wardrobe, identified your colours, style, shape flatterers and essentials you need to keep all these things in mind when you head out shopping. Never shop for clothes in a hurry, always try on if you can (or keep your receipts safe) and make sure it ticks as many boxes as possible. So when shopping now I think of these;

  • Will I actually wear it?
  • When would I wear it?
  • Does the colour suit me?
  • Does the shape suit me?
  • Is it my style?
  • Is it an outfit or if not what can I wear with it?

Once you get your head around what you need and what will work for you, shopping and getting dressed can be so much easier. Identifying those must have items and developing your style is so rewarding. Having less in your wardrobe can make things easier and knowing everything you pull out will suit you and most importantly FIT you is the most rewarding thing.

Do you need a wardrobe overhaul?