Friday, June 01, 2018

Healthy Mama || Staying Healthy This Summer - Skin, Hair & Body

Summer is so much fun, with lots of time outdoors, swimming, sun bathing and exposing ourselves to the elements at every opportunity. As much as it's an amazing time of year, it can mean a little extra care may be needed to keep our skin and hair healthy after long days in the sun.

I thought I'd share some products I'm trying out this summer, as well as some old favourites that see me through all seasons. The main thing for me is keeping hydrated and making sure my super pale and sensitive skin is protected and looked after.

Self Care Summer

For my face, I cleanse every night with Garnier Micellar water infused with oil. The oil helps to get a really deep clean, stripping the skin of the days nasties and leaving your face feeling fresh. Once a week I exfoliate with Nip Fab which helps remove dry skin and keep things even. I like to wear foundation that has a sun protection factor all year round, but more so in summer and if I get chance I invest in Estee Lauder double wear foundation which evens out any redness in colour, makes the skin look super smooth, lasts well and has an SPF rating of 10 for a constant bit of reassuring cover. 

Drinking water in the heat is so important too, not only does it keep our insides healthy, but it also helps keep skin clear. Carrying water around is a really good habit to get into and if you're rubbish with keeping it up like me, a measured water bottle can help you drink water throughout the day, with times printed on it's easier to keep it up until it becomes the norm. Aiming for two litres a day, you'll feel so much better within just a couple of weeks and really see the benefits emerging.

For all over skin care, I like to treat my feet to a deep moisturising with O'Keeffes Healthy Feet cream, which is amazing after a day walking on hot sand or walking in warm shoes on hotter days. For any areas needing extra care, they also make a skin repair body lotion which is a really luxurious treat for your skin. I've just started tanning slightly too as I have a very patchy skin tone and it just looks a lot nicer and makes me feel a bit more confident. I'm using the St Tropez shower off version at the moment, which gives a slowly built glow and looks pretty even when applied with a tanning mitt. Just make sure all areas are covered and if you keep it up, within a few days you'll get a really natural looking colour.

I always try and wear sun cream if I'm going to be out in the sun for more than 20 minutes or so. Anything with a high star rating and factor to help protect me from harmful rays, especially as I burn so easily and have really neglected my skin in the past. When you're out and can't wash your hands easily, applying your sun cream with a Solar Buddies applicator makes it all a lot cleaner, with a built in roller ball and sponge system to apply your sun cream evenly without the need for rubbing in with your hands, this is a great buy if you have kids too!

Lastly, my hair needs so much more care as it already gets a fair bit of heat damage from drying/straightening and dyes. I am loving the shampoo and conditioners from Mane & Tail at the moment, originally made for horses but for humans too! My all time favourite though is Aussie Miracle Moist, which always cleans really well, leaves my hair looking super soft, smelling amazing and in much better condition. I try and give my hair a deep condition once a week too and cover it when I can on longer days out.

What are your go to products for summer?

*I was gifted the O'Keeffes products for consideration  of inclusion in this post. All words and thoughts are my own and I generally enjoy all these products. Post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a few pence if you buy something, but it wont affect the price you pay.