Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mama Life || Self Care Is Not Selfish - Self Care Tips For Busy Mums

As parents it can be increasingly difficult to devote some time to yourself. We all hear about 'me time', but often the idea of devoting time or money to yourself to relax, feel or look better can feel completely selfish when there's a million and one things to do on our list every day.

As amazing as becoming a parent is, us Mums in particular go through a lot with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and everything that comes with it, so it's really important to give yourself some time, some treats and some love for all your hard work.

Self care is absolutely not selfish, instead it's self preserving and can help with everything, from improving our mental health, keeping on top of things in the home and even the very act of being a Mum. By feeling more relaxed, healing ourselves properly and giving ourselves even just a fraction of the care and attention we give everyone else we can make a big difference.

I thought I'd share a few ways by which you can treat yourself with that little bit of time, whether it's just a few minutes every day, a weekly spruce or a big monthly chunk of time you can look forward to. Treats don't always mean spending money, but for a little more luxury you could always ask for vouchers for shops or things like massages on special occasions and there's always great offers on sites like Groupon if you don't want to spend too much to feel good.

Just have a few minutes a day?

If you can just spare a few minutes to hog to yourself each day, think of something you've been itching to do. It might be that you've not had time to sort your nails, give your hair a good brush or even just sit outside and get a breather by yourself. Listen to a favourite song or just do something, anything for yourself. You may like drawing, reading, online shopping or playing video games and it might not be for long but just a few minutes of something purely for you can feel great and give you a real boost.

If you're not likely to fall asleep (I totally would), then you could even go and lay down, close your eyes and channel out of busy life for a few minutes to calm your body and mind.

Once a week treat

If you have a little more time once a week, you can really do something to give you a huge boost. You may want to catch up on sleep, meditate, nip to the shops by yourself if you can or go for a walk. You could even give yourself some small treatments at home like a deep hair condition, or a solo relaxing bath with your favourite tunes and some cosy candles. If getting creative makes you happy, reward yourself with some craft/art time to get your fix and ignore the to do list while you're at it!

If you get yourself to somewhere like Primark or even Poundland, you can stock up on some really cheap treats or even a new film and some snacks. If you have a bit more in the budget, buy yourself something a bit more luxurious to enjoy at home or a quick wash and blow dry if you can get to a salon. 

Monthly blow out

Having something to look forward to can make it much easier during the day to day struggles of motherhood. Again, you need to find something that makes you happy, will restore your well being or even improve your heath. Whatever it is, book the appointment, pencil in the baby sitters or get saving right now.

You may want to book in for a spa day or maybe just a nice long massage somewhere. If having your hair or nails done is something you enjoy or makes you feel good, then get it booked in and start looking at pictures so you know what you'll go for on the day. 

As someone that loves my art, I'm booking in for a one day course in either painting or clay making. I'll get to unwind, forget about the day to day and do something inspiring, for me. A massage is always somewhere on my wish list too, there's literally nothing better than having those aching and tense muscles worked on.

We are all so different in how we choose to relax and what may be a treat to me, may be your idea of hell. For me, any time for a cheeky nap, shopping by myself or some drawing and I'm one happy Mama. The most important thing though is just to take that time, however brief and devote it to yourself. When money is tight, just find a few pounds for some new craft supplies, a face mask, some nails, new makeup or anything to put a smile on your face and give yourself that little bit of yourself back. We'd never neglect our children and the same should apply for ourselves. We're busy, tired, stressed and often losing our identity and it has to change.

Do you give yourself some time just for you?

*Collaborative post