Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mama Style || June Favourites

June has been a scorcher and my inner girly that made a strong appearance in May, seemed to head back into the closet during June as I opted for darker colours and lots of black! I think part of it is the fear of sweating and patches showing, as well as feeling so bloated and just crap in most my pretty clothes. I have still tried to make an effort though and although all my favourite pink has washed out my hair, I'm enjoying growing my hair, getting it stronger and wearing it curly as much as I can. Having big curls just makes me feel so much happier and prettier and totally distracts from a bog standard black outfit!

I've pretty much lived in black leggings and big teeshirts, but I have dabbled with playsuits and other bits on warmer days, though my bravest choices are usually at the beach or at home. I'm loving the long line teeshirts in the Primark mens dept, they're just what I wanted for hot days to chuck on over leggings or wear on their own to keep cool.

As I've been gutting all our wardrobes this past few weeks as part of our ongoing declutter, I shared a post about creating the perfect wardrobe with a few tips on how best to create a wardrobe full of things that fit, suit you, will actually get worn and have things to go with them. It's so easy to buy things purely for the snazzy print or favourite colour, only to find they don't suit you and just hang unloved in your wardrobe. By just following these few simple tips you can create your perfect wardrobe.

Aside from the black, I have been loving leafy and camo type prints. Early in June I shared some beautiful summer buys, all with a leafy summery theme.

It's been so hot I've just really been trying to cover up when in the sun, not over heat and often look a bit silly in a sun hat! I find dressing in summer so hard but I know we are lucky to have such a nice summer and I'm trying not to moan about it (ha). I must admit though I love wearing my dungaree dresses and tops, so I can't wait to wear them again.

What were your June favourites?