Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mama Life || Family Hair (And Fur) Care With Tangle Angel

I can remember vividly having my long hair untangled by my Mum, it took forever, it wasn't comfortable and as much as I loved my long hair, it drove me nuts getting so tangled all the time. Having a daughter now myself, I'm conscious of tackling her knots as quickly and easily as possible and we've gone through lots of brushes so far already. 

We've had a few tangle easing brushes so far, but I've never really invested in anything more than a pound or two, so when we were sent some brushes from Tangle Angel to try, I was intrigued to see what a real branded brush would be like. The brushes we were sent include a brush for us girls to try as well as pet version for our pampered pooch Peggy. Soph and I both have pretty long hair and Peggy dog is a Cavalier Poodle cross, so her hair can get really long and knotty too, especially around her ears and tail. 

I thought I'd share how we got on with our brushes, comparing them to value versions and seeing how it would stand up to Soph's unruly hair, my super think frizz and Peggy's knotty Cavapoo fur. 

Our brush

Our brush is a beautiful pink shiny one with the Tangle Angel wing detail on the back, it's so pretty! I instantly noticed that the bristles felt a lot softer and less pointy on the tips compared to our others, so that was a great start.

As well as detangling, these brushes are also anti-bacterial, water and heat resistant and anti-static. It's quite big but easy to use with a decent size handle to get a good grip of.

For Soph's hair, the Tangle Angel sails straight through it, it not only removes the tangles super easily, but it also doesn't really stop at the knots, instead it just goes through the hair really smoothly and I've had zero complaints from Soph, so no pulling or painful moments when brushing wet or dry. This is big for us! Soph's not been a great fan of having her hair brushed, so having a few weeks so far with not a single moan is a huge win and gives this brush another thumbs up. I don't think I'd use anything else for her now, especially when her hair has been really knotted after a busy day at nursery.

For my hair, it's been great too. When not straightened, my hair is really frizzy and there's so much of it. The Tangle Angel has been easy to use, sailed through my thick tangles, wet hair and refreshes my straightened hair really well in the morning, noticeably reducing the static compared to my other brushes. I love that it's working through my tangles but I can also push down for a good head scratch without it hurting! I just need to get another now so that me and Soph can both have one in our rooms!

The Pet Brush

As well as Peggy dog, we have three regular short haired cats that LOVE a good brushing and are moulting like crazy right now with it being warmer, so the more we can brush out the less gets shed around the house.

Starting with Peg, the brush was great on shorter areas for a tidy up, but her fur is so thick and knotty in parts, it does work well but takes a while to ease out compared to her other wired brush. For a general tidy up or when wet this brush has been great though and I think with a bit of patience it does tackle her knots well leaving her fur looking sleeker and smooth, but does take some getting used to having used a harsher wire brush before. With this, its more working out the knots gently without pulling, so although it may take a little longer in bad areas, it does it more peacefully keeping your dog happy during brush time.

The pet brush is adorably paw shaped and ours is a stylish gold colour. As well as looking great, the pet brush features the same unique bristles as ours, it's super gentle, antibacterial and again anti-static.

The cats adore this brush, it's super gentle but great at removing loose fur, collects it pretty well and is really easy to empty. It's a tad bulky to start with, but once you're used to it, it works well and they clearly enjoyed it too! There's a contour in the bristles, meaning that different lengths of fur can be reached at once - genius!

I'm a total convert to these brushes now especially for us girls, they've been brilliant and I've even been using it on Alf's hair as although it's short, it does still get knotty and this makes him look neat and tidy for school in seconds. The contoured bristles mean even his shorter hairs get neatened up too.

The brushes like ours retail at £12.99 which is actually a lot less than I thought and a really good investment. As they are so pretty too, they'd make a lovely gift for anyone with unruly hair that needs a bit of taming and they come in 8 colour ways too. You can also by pro versions and a shine angel brush for a little more. The Pet Angel brushes retail at a pretty reasonable £14.99 and are perfect for dogs and cats with all kinds of fur.

You can visit the Tangle Angel website to find out all about these fab brushes and see the full product range and colours available.

Have you tried a Tangle Angel yet?