Friday, June 29, 2018

Healthy Mama || July Update

Weight loss wise, progress is slow but I've been pretty poorly throughout June, so I'm happy that I'm getting my medications sorted and getting on the mend. Hopefully health and fitness will improve now as I get the balances right with my pills and I feel so frustrated that I've been back and fourth so much and just never getting anywhere - but - I'm looking forward now and happy to have blood results and know why I've been feeling so rubbish.

I was feeling really good for a few weeks on my new medication which was Desogestral, a contraceptive pill I was prescribed to balance my hormones. After a few months though it became clear my body wasn't adapting well to them, I was bleeding heavily almost constantly and just felt rock bottom tired. 

When I went to see my GP, he agreed that it would be best coming off the pills and also to run some blood tests to make sure there was nothing else wrong. When my results came back I was anaemic and once again my vitamin D was very low which I expected. I think the pills hadn't helped my blood and are probably to blame for my anaemia. It sucks when you take tablets for one thing and they make you feel worse than ever! I'm on iron and vitamin D tablets now though as well as my usual muscle relaxants/ anti-depressants and the odd energy pill for extra boosts when needed. I'm trying to improve my diet, get out in the sun when I can and drink more water too. I can deal with being over weight far more than feeling so run down and lethargic, it also makes exercising and healthy eating a million times harder as I've just been craving carbs and sugars and have felt too tired for the gym or swimming which I was really enjoying.

After coming off the pills, I lost 6 pounds in the first week, I'd been so so bloated I think they just did not agree with me and I'm so glad I stopped them. As well as bloating me, they also made my anxiety flare up again really badly and make me feel really really low. Ironically, it was those reasons I was put on the pill to start with so clearly they were not right for me! I may try another type one day but for now, I'm going to get my bloods to normal levels and try and nurse myself back to feeling a little better.

As well as the pills etc, this week we treated ourselves to a new Simba mattress. We got a reconditioned one from eBay which are good as new but less than half price! My first night on that made me feel so much better and my sleeping position was so much improved I snored less which I hope will reduce sleep apnoea too. I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

It's been a bit of an uphill battle but I'm getting there, I'm on the mend, getting better sleep, about to go on holiday and losing weight naturally from craving less food, especially in this heat! We've been loving the BBQs so eating has been so lovely this past few weeks. Definitely one perk to being permanently over heated! I've also only had one small binge in the past month which is huge for me. I downloaded an app for quitting bad habits that shows you how many days you've been 'clean' and it seems to really motivate me.

I'm hoping that with all the pills sorted I will improve and get some energy back. If/when that happens, the weight loss should become easier and I feel less tired I won't crave rubbish and I'll have more energy to work out. So that's the plans for July, get better, feel better and start moving back in the right direction.

What are your health goals for July?