January 02, 2017

Blog Goals For 2017

My year in blog...

2016 was really my first proper year as a blogger and it was a real eye opener. I learnt so much, from working with brands, knowing my worth when it comes to sponsored work and feeling like maybe this really could be the job for me.

I left my part time job and decided to become officially self employed and dedicate my free time to my blog and online work. The hard work paid off and I finished the year feeling really positive about everything. Now 2017 has hit, the self doubt has kicked in a little, but I really hope to make this go from strength to strength.

Now I can totally focus on blogging as not only my job but also as a little bit of an obsession, I am going to set some goals for this year, a few things to aim for to keep me motivated and working harder than ever. I will be breaking goals down into more manageable 'chunks' but this is what I'd like to achieve over the year.

1. Social Media

Twitter - reach 10K followers
Facebook - reach 5k likes
Instagram - reach 10K on both accounts
Pinterest - Get my head around how to best use it/pin every post

2. Schedule

Stick to a blog schedule to ensure posts are completed on time and something is posted daily.
Schedule social media posts for even coverage.
Schedule my working hours so I know things like comments will be replied to, emails sorted etc.

3. Linkys

Join in 3+ linkys a week and continue to grow my own.

4. Shop launch

Work out how to add a shop section to my blog.
Work on stock and list items.
Promote shop and work with other bloggers.

5. Increase reach

Have a little more confidence in myself & my blog, promote my work more and ensure all posts are shared.

6. Steady earnings 

Match my part time wage on average every month.

7. Make Improvements

Improve my photography
Improve my writing

8. Vlog!

I would love to dive into the Vlog world, I'm useless on camera and sound like a child but I really do enjoy video editing and I think it can open so many more doors.

That's my lot and I'm actually pretty excited to get started. I'll review how I'm getting on later in the year. If you're a blogger, what are your blog goals for this year?

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  1. Wow you have a great and really focussed set of goals. I hope it helps you to grow as the year goes along. They all seem really achieveable so I'm sure you will do well. Good luck and have a great year! #TheList

  2. That's a big ole selection of goals. I really need to write mine down - there's so much but I know that unless I get organised I won't achieve any of them!

    Pinterest is on the list but it's still a mysterious beastie to me.

    Good luck for 2017!

  3. Yay, all fab goals. You are doing brilliantly, here's to another fab year x

  4. Amazing goals. I think I could learn so much from you! Maybe you could follow this up with how to do these things!! It would certainly help me :) #friYAYlinky

  5. I'm sure you will reach your goals! I would love to totally focus on blogging and make it my real job but I didn't earn money on it so far so I can't :D

  6. Fantastic goals, I know you'll smash them! I wish you all the luck in the world with your shop!!