January 16, 2017

Happy Days List >> Pizza, Plumbing & Pink Hair

This week...

The past week has been a bit bonkers, I've gone from feeling pretty rubbish to feeling pretty happy and content with my lot - happy days! I think the whole January blues thing had well and truly kicked in, but I'm hoping with a few changes I have shaken those off now. Here's a few happy moments from this week;

  • Alf's drawings! They are so cute and well thought out. He is bang on with hs colours and super creative.
  • My pink hair disaster fading to a colour I love.
  • Losing another pound on the scales.
  • A fun weekend with the kids and Mr. W.

  • Pizza Express family meal - yum!
  • Plumbing disaster in the bathroom fixed by my clever husband - not just a pretty face!
  • Alf feeling better and being more himself.
  • Feeling happier with the look of my blog.
  • Taking steps towards my online shop - exciting!
  • Two trips to pre-school without drop off tears.
  • Enjoying music again.

This week so far it's been a rainy one but I'm feeling so much happier than last week and full of motivation - let's hope it stays! I hope you have a good week too.

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  1. Ah I so wish I could have pink hair! Curses for being a brunette!!!! Thank you for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x