January 21, 2017

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Wardrobe overhaul

I currently have two HUGE piles of clothes to go through. I'm a bit stuck between not being able to fit back into my lovely new clothes I got last year and pyjamas! Everything else really needs a good sort out as it's either worn out, doesn't suit me at all or has sat there so long it's probably on the verge of being vintage and not in a good way.

I love the cold shoulder tops at the moment and I'm really liking some of the 90's bits that are fashionable right now, though lots of it is very funny and some things belong in the 90's never EVER to be seen again.

I am loving chokers and choker tees and anything floral or mustard which luckily still seem to be hanging around for me to pick up. As soon as pay day rolls up I want to have a complete overhaul, buy a few staples and have a wardrobe I can actually wear. Here's my favourites currently;

1. Floral Cold Shoulder Top - River Island | 2. Heart Print Cold Shoulder Tee | 3. Mustard Coat | 4. Yellow  Raincoat | 5. Black Ripped Jeans | 6. Choker Tee | 7. Lace Up Cable Knit Jumper | 8. Nike Leopard Air Force 1 | 9. Super Skinny Jeans

I'm pretty sure my mustard obsession isn't going anywhere and I'm so excited to get some new bits later this month! Are you a fan of the rock style and 90's throw backs that are in the shops right now?

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