January 11, 2017

Finding The Perfect Family Photographer With Bidvine

I love photography and taking photos of my family, but I have also enjoyed having professional pictures of all of us taken, with no mad dash after setting a timer (nightmare with kids!) or having to have one of us behind the lens. 

When I was asked to review Bidvine, I decided to use this opportunity to search for a new photographer and update our family pictures. If you haven't heard of it, BidVine is a website that allows you to quickly and easily search for trusted local professionals, with just a few questions.

Bidvine makes it super simple to find trusted local service professionals, with a quick sign up process and straight to inbox responses, including various information such as reviews, giving you an extra bit of reassurance that you wouldn't get through a standard search.

When businesses sign up with Bidvine they have to submit their business details so you know they are a legitimate business, they are also given the opportunity to upload details of qualifications, licenses, insurances etc to give you real piece of mind before hiring someone. 

To search for a service, it's very easy. You simply need to start entering the type of service you require followed by your post code and off you go;

A drop down menu relating to your search makes you job even easier. I wanted a portrait photographer so could specifically search for that option.

You are given all kind of options to narrow down your search, I opted for family photography and you can then give your preferred price range and even choose a photography style. I love natural shots so opted for that too.

I find family photography so much easier at home or at a location nearby where we all feel comfortable, so I was able to opt for a photographer that would come right to my home and give me those natural shots I really wanted.

Following the search, you are prompted with a pop up (below) to let you know your search has been successful, followed by a confirmation email to let you know your request is being processed and that photographers would be in touch soon. I hate phone calls so love the fact I was able to opt out of leaving a number and have my search results ping to my email instead.

Sit tight. You'll receive custom bids by Saturday evening.

Within a few hours, I started receiving emails 'bids' for the photography work I was after. I was all the details I could want and invited to give more information for the perfect photo shoot. The emails don't necessarily require a response and you can click a button to let the pros know you are finished and no longer require their service. There is no awkwardness of discussing fees as you have already selected your price range so know what to expect and are able to preview work discretely at home.

I was really satisfied with the service and would definitely use Bidvine again for this kind of search as I was able to find exactly what I was after within just a few hours.

Have you used Bidvine before? I'd love to know what you think.

*Collaborative review, all thoughts and words are my own.

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