January 09, 2017

Hopes & Wishes For 2017

Following on from my new years plans for the blog, and also this post about my own personal goals, I was tagged by Living Life Our Way and ArePops to take part in this quiz about our hopes and wishes for the coming year, both personally and beyond. Here goes!

Personal Wishes

  • To get fitter and healthier
  • To get in a better shape to give me less muscle and back pain
  • To spend more time looking after myself
  • To have a good sort out of my clothes and clear out
  • To see my best friend Lauren
  • To feel happier and more focused
  • To have a good routine and feel more on top of things
  • To get out more with and without the kids
  • Spend less time with people that don't make me happy or let me feel I can be myself
  • Get my teeth truly sunk into working from home

Blog Wishes

I already posted about my plans for the blog this year in this post here, but in short my plans are to;

  • Increase social media numbers
  • Schedule more posts both blog wise and on social media
  • Join more linkys
  • Launch a shop on or via my blog
  • Increase my reach
  • Make steady earnings
  • Improve Photography
  • Improve my writing
  • Venture into Vlogs

Family Wishes

  • To have weekends that don't feel stressful
  • For the kids to sleep past 6am on weekends
  • Explore some new places
  • Book at least one little holiday to look forward to
  • More dates with Mr. W
  • Get our house in order
  • Start saving money
  • All be healthier and fitter
  • See more of extended family
  • Make the kids smile every day

Hopes and Wishes

I really hope this year sees a little more peace and less fighting in the world, it feels like a really shitty place to have subjected kids to and I really hope things begin to change for the better.
For us, I hope that the kids are happy, my husband is happy and that we can feel like we are moving forward and working towards our dreams.
There we have it, my hopes and dreams for this year, lets hope some if not all come true!

I tag the following lovely bloggers to take part too - Jaki and SarahI look forward to reading your posts! 

What are your wishes this year?


  1. I can totally relate to wanting kids (well kid) to sleep past 6am! Good luck on all your wishes. x

  2. Ooh! I need to do this one!! I'll get it ready for next Friday - love your new look blog too :) #friyaylinky

  3. Aww this is a lovely post! Thanks for the tag! :)