January 22, 2017

Happy Days >> Cuddles, Blogging & Pancakes

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

I'm hoping to link up weekly with these Happy Days posts as I think it's really important to find the positives in life, especially on those weeks where maybe it's not been the best ever and leaves a little to be desired.

This week has certainly been one of those weeks. We were stuck in all week with the kids tag teaming their poorlyness. Alf made school most days but by Friday I gave up and kept him home to rest as he had completely lost his voice! We are eagerly awaiting pay day and I always find everything harder when we are not feeling very flush so I am well ready for a few pounds extra to roll in so we can get a few bits that we need.

Having said that, there has of course been some silver linings, here are this weeks happy moments;

  • I actually read a magazine without interruption
  • A few hours of solo shopping
  • Lots of extra cuddles with the kids
  • Having a nice warm home to come back to
  • Finding my feet with my blog again and feeling a little more confident
  • Enjoying experimenting with makeup and learning about new products
  • Looking back at old photos
  • Chatting to old friends
  • Getting discharged from physio for now for making good progress
  • Pancake making/eating

Have a lovely week!

Quite Frankly She Said


  1. Oh my goodness reading a magazine sounds like heaven, I can't remember the last time I did that. Yay for lots of cuddles x #HappyDays

  2. Yummy pancakes! Lots of important me time this week. It's the little things!! #happysays

  3. Sounds like lots of lovely little moments, though sorry your littles have been poorly - hope they all get better soon! Pancakes sound yummy and you have inspired me to go and buy a magazine! He he! xx

  4. This is a lovely idea for a series. Hope your little guy is feeling better now. Seriously, solo shopping sounds like a DREAM. Haha

  5. I would love to go shopping on my own - one day!!!! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x