January 24, 2017

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He 'digs' it!

I've loved buying Alf clothes ever since I first found out I was expecting a baby. As he's grown up, he has definitely developed his own love of clothes and he is very particular with what he puts on. I always run things by him before we buy them or he simply won't wear them!

As part of our ambassadorship with JCB Kids, they recently sent Alf a surprise new outfit, featuring the bold logos, diggers and designs from the brand and he was so happy with this outfit we just had to share. The first thing that struck me, particularly with the joggers sent over was the quality. There is a great deal of detail, lots of embroidery, stitched pattern and badges sewn on to create a fun look, far better quality that his usual joggers he gets put in for school! Everything from JCB kids always seems like it's well made, they have made them for kids, knowing kids like to play, get muddy and look cool.

We were sent a character long sleeved top as well as some very cool logo clad joggers for him to try out. Alf is 6 in October and of average size, both items in size 5-6 fitted him perfectly and he was in them in seconds of seeing them after school.

There is a huge range of JCB items now much to Alf's delight. I have no idea what the kids find quite so appealing about diggers but I love that they love it all and just need to get Soph a matching top now as she was crazy jealous. Here are some of our favourites from the clothing available currently at M and Co;

If you have a digger fan or budding builder at home, I can bet they will love this range as much as Alf does. We've just got some great new JCB toys and sets to get stuck in to so I'll be posting about those soon too.

Do you have a little one that would love the JCB range? If so, what's your favourite?

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