January 01, 2017

Project 365 >> 2016 Roundup

Last year I decided to embark on a photo a day project called 'Project 365'. At first it seemed a bit of a daunting prospect to capture and edit a photo a day but actually I have really enjoyed it. This made me improve my photography, forced me to edit more and has given me a really lovely way to look back on my year in pictures.

Once again with a fresh new year out in front of me, I have decided to do it again which I never thought I would say! I love making use of my pictures and I love taking photos. I am really getting into photography again and this time round (14 years on) I have my own DSLR camera, an average phone camera and some fun new lenses to play with. I even got a gorgeous new camera bag for Christmas so I can be even more free to photograph on our days out.

Here are a few of my favourite 2016 pictures from the Project 365 images, all of which hold great memories for all kinds of reasons.

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