January 27, 2017

The FriYAY Linky >> 27/01/17


Hello I hope you have all had an awesome week this week? We've been stuck in again most the week with the dreaded lurgy, Alf passed it to Soph and now we all have it so have really spent most the time stuck in with a poorly baby (well shes two) on my knee watching awful TV and playing. I can't complain though, she is getting better now so that is all that matters.

I'm keeping this pretty brief this week as it's late and I feel so poorly I need to go to bed asap!

A huge thank you to everyone that linked up last week, I'm playing catch up a little bit with being ill so I'll give get all posts shared/commented on over the next day or so if I haven't already. A fab mix of topics as always!

This week I'm linking up a little post I wrote for the Dads, who quite frankly I am sick of seeing bashed by society and belittled as parents, so needless to say I had a little rant on that one. I'm also linking up my craft from this week for Bostik.


Now it's over to you guys and your link ups this week. As always I'd appreciate any sharing of this linky to help get more people involved! Feel free to link up a few posts too as I love reading them. All posts are shared on my Twitter account with over 7K followers too!

A little reminder about the FriYAY Linky #FriYAYLinky;

Each week you are invited to link up your favourite or most popular posts from that week. You can link up any posts from the week that you would like to share. Anything goes for this one, just a nice mix to give us some good reading (or nice pictures to look at!) ready for the weekend! I'd LOVE it if you joined in and helped share the linky love by using the hashtag #FriYAYLinky and tweeting all your great posts, big and small. 


1. Link up your favourite posts of the week from any genre.
2. Pop my badge (code below) somewhere on your post/blog.
3. Comment on a few other posts when you have time, it's nice to share the blog love.
4. If you want to, tweet me @wafflemamauk and #FriYAYLinky and I will retweet.

That's all! Happy linking :) I can't wait to see what you have all been up to.


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