January 02, 2017

The (Not Big Or Fat) Quiz Of The Year

I was recently tagged by Katie at 'Living Life Our Way' to take part in this fun little quiz of the year. Here are my answers and I'll be tagging a few others at the end of this post.

What was your highlight of 2016?

My highlight of 2016 was probably leaving my job in retail. My job was part time, I despised it, they spoke to me like something stuck to their shoe and it had me in tears almost every shift. Leaving that and focusing solely on my blog made a huge difference to my life.

Name one thing you are most likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

Personally I'll probably remember our holiday to Bluestone Wales as it was so good and really different to anything we had done before. Otherwise, I think this year will always be remembered for all the crazy politics, horrendous wars and celebrities that passed away!

Sum up 2016 in one word.

One word? Rollercoaster.

Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry with you through 2017.

I really learnt to know my worth in 2016, to have a little more confidence and give everything a try without focusing on the negative or what if's.

Do you have any new year resolutions?

Technically yes, in a nutshell they are to be less fat, work hard and be more organised. I wrote a little post on it here.

How did you see in the new year?

I stayed in with Mr. W, the kids were asleep, we ate good food and watched Love Actually on TV, a pretty perfect evening with lots of fireworks to watch outside.

What would you most like to do in 2017?

For 2017 my main focus is to make money from my blog in various ways. I am determined to try and work for myself at least while the kids are in school so I can be around always.

What are your main goals for 2017?

My main goals are to build my blog, lose weight to improve the pain from my arthritis and be more organised. All these things should help my life in many ways.

So that's my answers. I now tag Lucy, Sarah and Jaki to do the same if they'd like to!

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  1. I too conceive hence, perfectly written post!