January 31, 2017

The Zomlings Have Landed In Our Home...

Zomling time...

I recently posted about Alf's special shelf (adorable!) and his love for collecting. He had been collecting Star Monsters for a while but now there is a whole new series for him to get stuck into. We were kindly sent some fun little Zomlings for the kids to explore and once again they were instantly captivated by the selection of characters, designs and colours.

Zomlings are another collectable series for kids from Magic Box Toys, who are now on series 5 and I have no idea how these have managed to pass us by so far. These toys are fully fledged members of the pocket money club costing from just 50p with hundreds of designs to collect and a huge range of accessories. This is one of those things I can imagine the kids looking back on fondly as an adult remembering collecting them and maybe even having some stashed away in a memory box for years to come.

The Zomlings are squishy and small, they come in hundreds of different varieties through the five series and there is so much to collect alongside. Some creatures bear a resemblance to actual animals/people and some just look bonkers - I like that. As far as kids collectables go, these are definitely one of the better ones and good value for money.

Both kids adore the little buses that you can sit the Zomlings in, but there are also little houses and boxes to collect that fit together, creating a whole Zomling town. I love that as with most collectibles there are special gold and silver Zomlings to find, we even had a rare gold one in our set much to the kids delight. These really are perfect little pocket money buys, reward treats or birthday extras and my two are pretty hooked.

You can read all about Zomlings on the Magic Box website. Do you have any young collectors at home? 

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