January 27, 2017

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Baby it's STILL cold outside...

It's currently -5 degrees outside, so layering up is an absolute must to keep warm on these frosty school runs, even in our chilly old Victorian home where it's often colder inside than out!

I really need to add to my layers collection wardrobe wise, as I don't seem to have many lighter layers to just pop on. I know some people will look at these like it's a montage of Bridget Jones Christmas jumpers, but for me I just LOVE anything vintage inspired and if it is a little quirky with a fun print then even better! I'm loving the fact Cath Kidston is in on this too and hopefully these will stand out for the right reasons as something a little more unusual.

Here are my current favourite knitwear buys that I'm lusting after. I absolutely love a little splash of colour but I'm still learning to be confident enough to wear it and there are some real corkers here to practise with;

For me, I would absolutely wear these for all occasions. These are perfect for every day, easy to style up for a special occasion or night out and I think you could even wear them to work if you can't wait. I love them all! My absolute musts though are the cat print (obvs) and the Rose cardigan as I just think that would go with anything, any day (or night) of the week.


Although these gorgeous knits could be dressed up and down, paired with dresses, pencil skirts and more, ultimately I think I would mostly pair them with jeans and flats for daily wear. 

I love skinny jeans especially high waisted ones like the ones above as they just seem to flatter curves so much more. The middle jeans are the Hayden style from Topshop and I think these paired with a cardi, retro style makeup and hair, would be just bang on for those more casual days - perfection!

Do you love these too? How would you style them?

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  1. These are all SO PRETTY. I love the red hearts one and the Cath Kidston Cat one! So cute!