Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February Update >> Besties, Extras & Anything Bad

I'd love to know who stole February? It was literally here one minute and gone the next! It's been a whirlwind of a month that definitely housed many ups and downs, but luckily finished on a super high note with a happy bestie visit as well as lots of positive and much needed vibes.


Wearing - Yet again the jeggings have been out in force, combined with layers for this crazy unpredictable weather, with trainers, sunglasses and a rain coat close to hand!

Food & Drink - I've tried to lay off the fizzy a bit this month and have moved back onto one of my old favourites which is lemon squash by the pint full. Going out last weekend I had some pear drop vodka as well as a cola cube flavour too and they were gorgeous! I rarely go out so it was a real treat. Food wise, I spent most the month craving anything bad, a habit I have finally broken this week.

Watched - During Feb we re-watched the Extras TV series and I think I love it more every time I see it, I so wish they had made more. I watched the new Trolls film which we all enjoyed as well as catching up on old favourites like Step Brothers.

Read - I've been reading tonnes of blogs this month, so nothing book wise but lots of interesting posts and trying to learn to use my camera with tutorials. I've read the kids heaps of books and we've just got into the Dr Seuss books which are utterly bonkers, perfect for us.

Disliked - The thing that has got me down most this month is the fact I've gained so much weight, I know I just need to put down the pies and get on with it, but it's been so hard to get on track. Fingers crossed I'm getting there now but it's been a long time coming and I'm fed up of my lovely new clothes all being too small! The final straw for me was putting on my favourite knee boots and not being able to do them up - fail.

Loved - We all had a really lovely half term, a visit from my best friend Lauren and a shopping trip to Ikea which is always up there with my favourites.

Most popular blog post - The most popular post just recently was one I put together about the classic films I can't wait to watch with the kids some time. Another one that went down well was this one about giving Dads a break, they get so much stick don't they?

Favourite Photo - My favourite photo, although not the best quality wise was this one below. I love sloths and I was so happy to finally get to see one in the flesh!

So that was February for me, how was yours?