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International Women's Day >> Admirable Women

Today is international women's day across the world and it's the perfect day to share the message of just how strong us women are and how we can support each other and build each other up in a world that often seems to want to break us down. This day has been celebrated since the early 1900's and it's just mind blowing to think of all the changes women have been through in that time from our rights, to fashion, beauty and even our role as parents.

This is the perfect day to acknowledge a few women I look up to right now, other than my very own mum who is of course right up there at the top of the list!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen has been a hero of mine since I was a teen and for me she is an absolute icon of my generation. I have always loved Gwen's style and to this day she still influences my own even though I've never quite managed to have the body to match.

The music of No Doubt has always been up there with my favourites and even her later solo albums were brilliant in every way.

Gwen has rocked fashion labels like Dior, been renowned for her quirky retro style and always seems to be happy to be herself, a total individual inspiring women everywhere.

When Gwen met motherhood, once again she managed to rock it and makes the most beautiful babies, she has barely aged in 20 years and if anything actually looks better as the years go by. Appearing on TV as well as her music, Gwen has shown she is even a nice and enviably cool person through and through.

Aretha Franklin

Growing up I've been into all kinds of music. I never felt any one genre was just for me and have a hugely eclectic taste and music collection. Aretha's music for me is totally timeless, it's uplifting, powerful and sure to make everyone sing along and feel good.

At the age of 74 years, born in 1942 she has seen a lifetime of change in the world yet has been a firm inspiring figure throughout, always performing, always writing and doing what she loves whilst looking like an absolute goddess throughout.

Aretha is still touring and I just hope one day I'll get to see her sing live, total bucket list fodder right there.

Holly Willoughby

Holly is from near where I grew up and apparently even snogged my big brother once in her teens! That aside, I think Holly is just the perfect woman and mother in my eyes. Although we only see what's put before us on TV, she just comes across so naturally kind, friendly, honest and always just looks immaculate.

I can bet that she, like us has those hellish parenting days and I know she would happy share these downs as well as the ups to reassure other mums.


Holly has the best style, the perfect curvy figure and works hard in her career around her children which shows them how hard work can pay off. I think growing up with a strong confident mum like Holly will do wonders for her children's self confidence and help mould their future in a positive way.

Josie Gibson

Josie rose to fame whilst starring in Big Brother here in the UK in 2010. A Bristol babe seeking fame and loved by millions as we watched her fumble through a reality TV romance with constant smiles.

Soon after the show. Josie got involved in all kinds of presenting and media work and after seemingly going quiet for a while she reappeared sporting a brand new toned healthy body after lots of hard work eating clean and getting lean.

We see thousands of reality TV stars go through the mill but I really admire Josie. She has taken a situation and moulded it into a new life for herself, inspiring women everywhere to not only live healthier, but that we can achieve anything if we are positive and work hard.


I'd love to transform myself like Josie has and watching her journey really inspires me to do so. As much as many people dislike the whole reality TV thing, people like Josie show that it can be so much more if you are clever with it, her down to earth personality just beams from everything she does.

So that's a few of the women that inspire me, probably not who you'd expect but for me it's not always about the politicians or people trying to hugely change the world, but often people that make us feel positive, give us hope and inspire us to be better in some way. You can read all about Women's day and it's origins by clicking here.

Who would be on your list?

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