Sunday, March 19, 2017

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Time for mud

I post a lot about our days out on here, we are always out and about in the woods, to the local park and basically anywhere we can get to (especially at the weekends) that is out the house and gives us a bit of freedom and fresh air.

When it comes to the kids I always make sure they have sensible shoes on, wellies if it's wet or likely to be muddy and always a change of shoes (if I remember!) for coming home again. For me though, I live and die in the same pair of trainers and flat boots, neither of which are vaguely ideal for being out in the elements, nor do they survive a muddy or puddlesome walk!

With that in mind, you can imagine how excited I was to be offered some boots to review from The Original Muck Boot Company this month. Muck Boot offer a huge range of functional footwear suitable for our manic days out, with the added bonus that they are actually really nice too. I rarely treat myself, so to get something like this is such a treat for me.

Arctic weekend

I decided on a pair of mid length boots called the Arctic Weekend boots. These boots feature a multi-purpose rubber base, a special mid-sole to cushion every step and a neoprene upper with 4mm of fleece lining perfect for cosy winter feet (even in temps as low as -29 °C!) and of course keeping dry. There's nothing worse than wet feet is there? The boots also have a stretch binding at the top that keeps cold air out, it doesn't dig in at all and it's very soft and really completes the look of the boot to make it more casual. These are the perfect all weather boots for weekend exploring, especially when you have a walk loving pooch to keep happy, as well as the kids.

I was a little worried having never purchased footwear online, as I am pretty chunky in the calf (well body actually) area and a little nervous they may feel tight or uncomfortable on my leg. The reason I don't own, and have never owned a pair of wellies since childhood is that I just find them terribly uncomfortable, they rub my leg and feel clumpy. I am the clumsiest person alive so hindering footwear is not ideal!

When my Muck Boot Co boots arrived though, I was so, so pleased with them. These boots are so lovely, they scream quality and are very well put together. My biggest sigh of relief came when I tried them on when not only are they really really comfortable and supportive around the foot, but also the neoprene is super soft and just feels like I have comfy bed socks on! I couldn't wait to try these out as they would give me so much more freedom when walking and also look pretty much like regular boots so I could style them as normal and wear them any time, not just on the super muddy walks.

"The most comfortable, high performance outdoor footwear on the market"

It's clear now why Muck Boot say they are made with the sole purpose of providing the most comfortable, high performance outdoor footwear on the market. I've never had boots like this and the next time I need outdoors footwear this will definitely be top of my list. I also noticed that the ranges start from the most adorable 'My First Mucks' for babies, how sweet is that?!