Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hair Health >> Going to The Dark Side

Let it grow, let it growwww

Since I was in my early teens I have been dyeing my hair and just lately I've got really sick of it. Over the years I've probably been every colour you can think of with the exception of Simpson's yellow and I really need a break from it, my poor hair does too.

By some miracle I still actually have hair which after so much dyeing drying and straightening is often pretty surprising. Until I was around 21 I'd never been to a hairdresser and haven't been since I was pregnant with Alfie and he's 5 this year.

I've bleached and blacked and rainbowed my hair for so long that I've decided to give it a break. I think fairer colours are better for my skin tone and the pale pinks and lavender have been my favourite by far. The upkeep and hair damage though is not my favourite and it's time to give my locks a well earned rest.

I decided this week to head closer to my natural colour with a dark blonde/light brown shade that should hopefully disguise the dreaded roots and let me go longer between colouring or even better, allow me to grow it out. This colour is definitely going to take some getting used to but I really want my hair style to grow out and for the hair itself to be in far better condition, so I think this is the best way.

Here I am heading into spring and summer with darker hair and so far I love it! I hate the hassle of constantly battling roots and colour fade, so I really hope this gives me the breather I need. I may even brave the natural curls one day too! I'm booking into an Olaplex treatment soon to restore some of the lost shine and looking into supplements that will specifically target my hair health.

Are you a home hair dye fan? If you have any tips to help with hair growth and conditioning please do comment and let me know.