Wednesday, March 01, 2017

My Style >> February Favourites

This month has been a strange one. We've had snow, rain, the intrusion of storm Doris and a few sunny days that were hot enough to wear a tee shirt. What is this craziness? Needless to say, clothing wise it's been all about layering up, keeping warm and being ready to strip off (slightly) for those sudden warmer moments that have been more than welcome.

I'm still a little in love with the rocker style tee shirt/dresses that have been hanging around the last few months, with a few extra bits and pieces creeping in to make outfits a little more fun and Spring ready. Here's my favourite basics for this month.

1. Primark Hummingbird Top | 2. Superdry Beanie  | 3. Tesco Jeggings | 4. Raincoat Joules | 5. Tabitha Webb Bag - Avon | 6. Mustard Converse | 7. Topshop Cold Shoulder | 8. New Look Over Knee Boots

For going out out, or even to wear every day if I could, I am a little in love with over knee boots which are also in the sales right now with the season changing, so the perfect time to pick some up at a bargain price. 

I've said it before but the Tesco jeggings are simply amazing, only £12 and come in a few colours so they can literally see you through the entire week. I still love a bit of mustard and have my eye on the gorgeous new Converse as well as the Tabitha Webb handbag from Avon no less, that seems to tie all my loves into one. 

I recently got a new nautical style navy raincoat which is perfect as it's super light for warmer days, ready for the rain when it comes and light to carry if things warm up. I'm all about the layering and still like the cold shoulder tops and the beautiful hummingbird jumper from Primark which is perfect for cooler Spring days and adds a much needed bit of colour to my wardrobe. 

As it's still crazy weather, I have literally been living in bobble hats, they're perfect to shove on for the school runs to hide a 'not quite ready yet' hair day, as well as being super cosy and go with everything.

So that's my favourites for Feb, what have yours been?