Monday, March 20, 2017

What I'd Really Like For Mothers Day ...

It's mothers day this weekend and there are a few things that I would give my right arm for after feeling completely run down, tired and just generally awful for quite a long time. I'm so tired, I'm stressed, my body aches and there is just always so much to do. I'm looking forward to Mother's day and I'll be happy as long as I get cuddles and maybe even a lay in, but here we have my ultimate (and totally self indulgent) Mother's day wishes, should magic and a lot of luck be on my side.

1. A week long mothers day

I'd like a whole week of being worshipped like a total goddess, with my husband at home all day and night as well as the following...

2. Perfectly behaved children

I'd like my week to involve the kids being 100% perfect, putting their shoes on without 1000 prompts, being lovely to each other with no screaming matches or stress induced head aches. I'd love them to just get on all day, not make any mess and listen.

3. Staff

I'd like a full team of staff here to cook, clean and massage me on request whilst I read magazines, have my hair done by a personal hairdresser, get facials from my very own beautician and watch absolute trash on TV.

4. Sleep

I'd like to sleep at least 75% of my mother's day week and nap when required. I want to retire to my freshly washed bedding and snooze whenever the feeling takes me. 

5. Chocolate

I want Cadbury's chocolate on tap at the drop of a hat, maybe even a chocolate hat, maybe even a chocolate cat. I want tonnes of the stuff just everywhere.

6. Money

I'd like a winning lottery ticket with a few million in winnings so that I can relax beyond my special week as well as a mystery pile of cash to go on a mad shopping spree.

That would be my perfect Mother's day/week/life! What would yours be like?

You Baby Me Mummy