Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Smelling Of Roses With Urtekram


I love anything flower related and one of my all time favourites absolutely has to be roses, they are just classic aren't they?  I love looking at them, I love drawing them and most of all, I adore the rose scent itself. I was recently sent some products from Urtekram, which are all rose based containing pure nourishing organic ingredients. If you love roses, then this is absolutely the range for you, though they have lots more to offer too.

Urtekram is a Danish word, essentially meaning 'spice/herb merchant' and the brand was started by two individuals that much like the old fashioned spice/herb merchants, had a small health food style shop in Copenhagen. Their main focus has always been on quality organic products, pure ingredients and sustainability. The brand sell a number of products, with my favourite being their body care range featuring collections like the Rose we were sent to review, Nordic Birch, Nordic Berries, Coconut and Aloe Vera. Urtekram also have some more specialist products to offer such as their organic kids shower gel, no perfume shampoo and brown sugar shampoo to treat a dry scalp.

There are 11 products in the UK Rose range, each infused with the endearingly romantic scent of a thousand red roses. I was sent the shampoo, spray conditioner and hand cream to try out.

Product Review

Firstly, I am a massive hand cream addict and a real stickler for getting ones that really do the job without leaving a greasy residue on the paws. This hand cream does exactly what I wanted it to, it leaves my hands smelling gorgeous, they feel super soft and best of all they feel cool and refreshed without any dreaded greasy feeling. The cream feels really luxurious and instantly improves the look of my rough dry hands leaving them feeling good as new and smelling of roses.

Rose shampoo normal hair organic 250 mlRose spray conditioner organic 250 ml

The shampoo washes really nicely without crazy foaming, it gets the job done, cleans wonderfully and leaves hair soft and healthy, again leaving no residue and rinsing really well. 

Last up is my favourite of the three products, the spray conditioner. This conditioner really worked wonders with my dry damaged hair and can be used on both wet and dry hair. This spray is really nourishing and perfect for use when washing hair but also as a quick refreshing treatment between washes. The spray comes out nice and fine dispersing well across the hair, it doesn't drench it meaning you can add a little when needed without worrying about restyling after.

I loved trying these out, the scents are so natural and although I'm not exactly a stickler for organic, I love knowing that I'm using pure natural ingredients and not adding anything to damage my hair and skin further.

This range would be perfect for mothers day gifts ( next Sunday!) or just as a treat at any time. I have really enjoyed trying these out and I'd definitely try them again as well as some of the other items. The Urtekram ranges start from just £1.75 and are in available in Tesco, Ocado and all good health retailers. 

For more information on Urtekram, you can visit their website at www.urtekram.com. Have you used any products from Urtekram yet? What would you recommend?