Sunday, March 05, 2017

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

I'll start by saying that no I haven't won the lottery unfortunately, but I was asked this question recently and I think it's a really interesting one. So, if you won the lottery, what would you do? Would you still work? Would you give it all away? Would you start a business, buy a zoo, invest it all? The possibilities are literally endless!

The initial response to the second question is 'HA' followed closely by 'HELL NO!'. In actual fact though, I think I would work. The difference being though that I wouldn't work for someone else, I am self employed now so have no boss to walk out on in a sassy kind of way which is a shame, but I'd love to do bigger and better things and having more money always helps to make things happen.

Me and Mr. W have often talked about how nice it would be to live without any money worries, no feeling trapped because of the lack of finances to branch out, start a business or move somewhere a little more beautiful. One thing we have both agreed on is that we would love to start our own businesses. One of those ventures being a chain of fun places for young people to hang out with skate parks and all kinds of activities to keep them all happy, off the streets and give them a space they feel like they can relax in. We would probably buy a few homes too, in a few places so we can stay near our families, and somewhere nice and warm for those much needed getaways. Our best plan of all though is for a family friendly pizza place just like Pizza Planet on Toy Story - how cool would that be?!

Some of our smaller plans would be to help out some of the amazing local charities, employ a personal trainer and chef to get us all fit and healthy and when it's all sunk in (and paid in!) we would go on the holiday of a lifetime, a real world tour with no expense spared, showing the kids all the sights, the wonders of the world, exploring the worlds wildlife and helping people around the world as we go. Just showing the kids a coastline that's that real clear blue colour, instead of a murky brown Cleethorpes (as fun as that is), would make me so happy.

I'd have to say one of my biggest wants for a lotto win (and this is a totally selfish just for me one) would be to fly off to New York to see Aretha Franklin singing live. This is one of my all time bucket list must do's and she plays later this month so I'd best get my ticket in quick. I get so excited thinking about it all and although it will probably never happen for us, you really do have to 'be in it to win it' as they say. 

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It's all so much fun to think about don't you think? I have just recently started playing the EuroMillions again and I do love the odd scratch card on pay day too. I'm even venturing out to bingo soon with a friend, I love bingo and even sadly have the wings to prove it. This may be a getting old thing, but I really think it will be fun and it's always good to be a bit more sociable and escape the craziness of the house for a while.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Please let me know in the comments below.

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with Lottoland. All thoughts and words are my own.