Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Kids Bedrooms

I'm guilty for neglecting the kids rooms a little lately. The whole house just needs so much work and constant upkeep, that it's easy to just push the door to on their little rooms and get the main family ones in order. I would LOVE to give their rooms and epic makeover though and whilst looking for more interesting bed options for them, I came across some absolute corkers, some real dream beds for kids.

Some of these are doable and some you could nearly buy a whole house for, but these beds are just so amazing and I can bet most of us know at least one kid that would LOVE to get tucked up in one of these every night, though I'm not ever so sure much sleeping would get done! I thought I would share the best ones I found below.

Dream Beds

1. Sports Car bed from Furniture in Fashion | 2. Mermaid bed from Cuckooland 3. Cabin bed from Cuckooland | 4. Mid Sleeper & Pirate Set from Bedroom World

I can't even imagine how much fun these beds would be, especially as a kid! They are so much more than beds and almost a whole adventure playground of their own. I love the cosyness of an enclosed sleeping space, a real little nesting spot to make your own. How cool are these?!

1/2. Campervan Bed With Sofa & Plane Bed from Cuckooland | 3. JCB Kids Bed from Wayfair | 4. Teepee Bed from Cuckooland

The kids got to try out this JCB bed at an event last year and thought it was fab. The other three are for a far larger budget, but simply stunning and a real work of art. Imagine going to sleep in your very own plane every night, the dreams would be epic!

1. Hut Bed from Maisons Dumonde | 2. Frozen Sleigh from Very | 3. Thomas Train Bed from Toys R Us | 4. Princess Bed from Dreams 

These last beds are a little simpler in design but I can just imagine Soph's little face if she found her very own princess carriage in her room, I don't think we would ever get her out of bed! I love all these and I think it's great that there is such a variety on offer for kids now.

Does your kid have a cool bed? Which is your favourite from these picks?