Sunday, June 11, 2017

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Happiness tag

I was recently tagged by Samantha from Bespoke Buckley in this post in which we each share ten things that make us happy, tag a few others and hopefully learn/share a little about ourselves and each other along the way. It's been a while since I've done anything like this, but with a general feeling of grimness following the terror attacks and last week's election, it's the perfect time to think happy thoughts and focus on the positives. Here are ten things that make me happy...

10 things that make me happy

1. Good days

When I say 'good days' I don't just mean the ones where something great happens, but actually just a day where I feel I can cope with the day to day, a day without too much pain with my back or a day where I feel I have a little energy is what makes a good day for me. Days like that don't come too often so I really appreciate them when they do.

2. Family

This is an obvious one but has to be said. My kids, husband and family are everything and those days where we get to be together the four of us and get away from it all are my favourite of all. I love it when we have bigger family gatherings too and love seeing the kids with their cousins.

3. Cats

I am a total crazy cat lady, we just took on a third after losing one last year and I am more than a little obsessed with cats!

4. Food

I am a massive foodie (literally unfortunately) and enjoy trying new foods, love takeaways, dining out and I could quite happily eat every waking second if it wasn't certain to end badly! My favourites are pizza and Cadbury's chocolate.

5. Kind/friendly people

I hate the world quite a lot right now and something that really brings me down is just how rude the majority of people are, even to total strangers. There is just no need. I love it when people are kind, thoughtful and friendly. There's nothing hard about being kind, saying hello, holding doors and offering help, I just wish it was more common.

6. Good customer service

Whenever I've worked in a customer service role, I've always tried to give great service, be kind, polite and appreciate the fact people are spending their money which ultimately pays my wages. I love it when I get good service in turn, nothing infuriates me more than sloppy rude service!

7. Seeing others happy

There's something lovely about seeing others succeed and be happy. I love watching couples on first dates hit it off, I love it when someone starts their own business and it thrives or goes back into study and succeeds. We should all be happy for people and never take anyone's success as a dig at our own failures.

8. Sunshine & sea

My soul is truly happy by the sea and everywhere/every day is far better with a bit of sunshine.

9. Shopping

I am a true shopaholic and as much as I preferred shopping when I was a bit slimmer as there was greater choice and clothes fitted better, I love shopping of any kind even just popping out for toothpaste!

10. Finding a decent TV series or new film to get stuck into.

We love a good Netflix binge and finding something to watch back to back is always fun. We've recently watched White Gold (BBC), 13 Reasons why, The Sopranos and Orange is the new black. Film wise we often watch old classics like The Wedding Singer but love finding new ones too. We recently watched Adventureland which was surprisingly good.

In keeping with the tag, I'd like to tag some bloggers myself to take part if they would like to. I'd like to tag Katie, Becca and Sarah.

So that's what makes me happy, what would be on your list?

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