Monday, June 26, 2017

Install & Take Care Of Your Pond >> Beautiful Summer Garden

Fancy a pond in your family garden?

Summer is here and with it comes immense heatwaves, beautiful blue skies and many, many barbecues to enjoy. Is there a better time of year to unwind and relax? If there is, it certainly doesn’t include the ability to unwind in a garden without wrapping up warm, so that’s one point in favor of the summer we’re (hopefully) about to experience.

This is absolutely the time to implement the garden you’ve always dreamed of possessing. But how should you go about it? Designing and crafting a garden is not easy, especially if you’ve never done it before. The first thing you should keep in mind is that there’s no ‘correct’ way to design a garden. There are better and worse ways, but there is never a ‘right’ way. It all falls to individual taste in the flowers you plant, the furniture you buy, and the features you install. Do what suits you and your family most of all.

To kick things off for a beautiful summer, why not install a pond? You can play with water features, hosting varieties of suitable fish, or maybe even keep a family of ducks if you have the room. A pond is a great way of adding a quirky yet beautiful feature to your garden, and will quickly become a focal point..

But how do you install a pond, and how do you maintain it over the years?

Assess The Space

How large would you like the pond to be? It might be tempting to give yourself a huge area to make the pond look truly magnificent, but you need to remember that any square foot of size you allocate is a square foot of maintenance you need to take care of. Costs can quickly pile up when it comes to establishing and keeping on top of the pond, but that shouldn't prevent you from having the size you’d like. For example, if you’re hoping to keep Koi fish, it’s usually customary to allocate 10 gallons of water per ½ inch of fish. Figure out your needs and assess the size accordingly.

Assess The Utility

You might not want to keep fish. You might like to simply keep a pond as a beautiful water fixture, with some artificial lily pads or other such decoration keeping it fresh, beautiful and light. You need to understand when you establish the pond what you hope to use it for the coming years. A live repository of creatures, or a beautiful aesthetic fixture? Knowing this will help inform your planning well in advance.

Purchase The Essentials

No matter what you use the pond for, keeping pond liners, pond filtration systems, as well as pond pumps, can all work wonders to keep your pond insulated, leak-proof and the water quality pure.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Of course, a garden is not just for summer, so it’s worth making sure that it’s going to keep alive and well maintained during the winter months too. For this, purchasing a tarpaulin as well as regularly turning on the pump filtration system will help the winter prevent freezing up the pool in a way that can detriment the structural integrity of the whole feature. The sheet will also prevent dead leaves, animals, and insects from filling up the pool in a negative way.

Take care of these considerations, and your new pond fixture will become the talk of all of your friends, the kids will love it too!

This is a collaborative post.