Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Guest Post >> Family Floors from Luxury Flooring

Floors For The Family

When you decide to have children you often get swept away by so many other things and forget about making your home child-proof - if such a thing really exists! 

On top of this, something you might not have considered is having a floor that will be able to hold its own against your kids. Making these changes will benefit you hugely in the long run by saving you money that you would have otherwise spent on a new carpet when the children decide to spill paint or food or anything else they can get their hands on. With this in mind, the best floor you could install to stand the test of time would be a laminate floor.

What is a laminate floor?

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers with the bottom layer referred to as the ‘backing’ which helps to prevent the floor from any moisture which can warp or damage the product. The following layer is the ‘inner core’ which is made of a material called fiberboard which is constructed from wood chips, plant fibers, sawdust and other recycled materials. This helps to give the floor stability and durability. The third layer is the ‘design layer’, the most important layer. The design layer is what gives the floor it’s stunning look as a high-resolution image of a wood species and shade is pressed on to the material. This is then finished off with the final layer, the ‘wear layer’. This layer is clear and is applied to the surface to help maintain and preserve the look and quality of your floor. 

With children you can never be too careful and you should never underestimate just how much mess they can create. This is why having a floor that is easily cleaned is so important. Laminate floors are incredibly easy to clean thanks to the before mentioned wear layer, which makes wiping up those spillages that much easier. Laminate floors are often though of as a ‘cheap’ option for a wood floor and while they are definitely kinder to your bank accounts, they don’t skip out on quality or longevity. Laminate floors look incredible and can often be mistaken for a solid wood floor - so it’s a win, win in anyones books!

How can I make sure that my laminate floor lasts?

Nothing is indestructible, so naturally over the years your floor might show some signs of tiredness, although probably not as tired as you are. Here are some top tips from the team at Luxury Flooring:

- Adding feet to your furniture pieces like sofas or high chairs will help to stop your floor from scratched or wearing from furniture movement.
- Not wearing shoes in the house will also make a big difference. This one is only really applicable to you as a parent and older kids since the little one’s rarely ever wear shoes. Or keep them on for that matter.
- Cleaning spillages as soon as they happen will also maintain your laminate floor as this will eliminate any possible stains from occurring.
- Putting down a rug in areas where your kids often play with their toys. Rugs will help to protect your floor from scratches or damages caused by the children getting a bit caught up in their games. 

Cleaning a laminate floors is ten times easier to clean than some other flooring types. Laminate floors only need a weekly hoover and or sweep to get up those pesky bits of dirt and dust. A regular mop will also help to keep the floor hygienic and looking fantastic. An added benefit of a laminate floor is that it doesn’t harbor dust or allergens as a carpet would, which means you kids can happily play on the floor without picking up any nasties from the floor! 

A big thank you to Luxury Floors for providing this guest post. We love our laminate flooring and it does make life so much easier in those areas with the kids around! Have you made the switch yet?