Friday, June 16, 2017

5 Reasons >> Why Camping Is The Perfect Family Holiday

As a family we love the outdoors. Every weekend at some point we drive out of the city in search of somewhere green and quiet with trees, fresh air and lots to explore.

As a kid I loved camping with brownies and guides and there was nothing better. Even having a living room camp in the tent for a night or just setting up camp in the garden. There's something about the simple peacefulness of camping that I love.

Camping is now the perfect family holiday for us and we can't wait to get stuck in. We're currently collecting camping bits to build our own 'big camping' kit, as so far it's been pretty amateur. There's some great tips in the Camping Guide from Halfords, which is well worth a look if you're thinking of venturing into the camping world too. They also sell heaps of camping products like tents to start building your kit making it the perfect starting point.

Camping has it's downsides for sure (toilets and potential rain for starters) but it really is the perfect family holiday and here's why;

1. Cheap break

After you've purchased your kit, which doesn't really have to cost the earth to get started, camping itself can be super cheap from just a few pounds per night for a pitch on a site with full facilities. Click here to find a site to suit you.

2. Happy kids

Being outdoors, having a sense of freedom and a total break from routine made camping so much fun for me when I was younger. Add to that the adventure and the toasted marshmallows and you have one happy kid on your hands!


There's something special about having a campfire isn't there? Of course you have to be super careful with kids around but it feels really special having no technology, chatting over an open fire. There is also the added bonus of delicious campfire food, smores and over cooked sausages!

4. Peace & Quiet

Every day life is just so noisy, not just the people, but the constant hum of technology, traffic and busy neighbours. Escaping to somewhere truly peaceful, with no agenda and nothing but the sounds of but nature and your own family fun, bliss.

5. Family Time

Camping is so nostalgic for me and creating a whole new set of memories with your own family is so special. With no distractions and the great outdoors to explore, it really is a perfect way to spend a family break. Even if it rains there are still plenty of memories to be made, even if the you do include a grumpy Dad in rainy soggy socks!

Are you a camping family? If so, what are your favourite things about it?

Written in collaboration with Halfords. All words and thoughts are my own.