Thursday, June 29, 2017

Perfect Family Bathrooms In Small Spaces

The bathroom is one of the unsung heroes of any household. It’s a room that each member of the family uses on a daily basis and is the key space that allows us to feel a little more human. You can't beat that quiet bath after a long day or cleaning off your days makeup! Having said that, often the bathroom tends to be one of the smallest areas in the home. That lack of space can feel a little restrictive, but it doesn’t have to strangle your creativity. 

Here are some simple yet effective design tricks to make the most of your bathroom transformation in a smaller space. As they say, it’s not the size that matters; it’s how you use it that counts and that's certainly true in this case. 

Make First Impressions Count 

The initial interactions with any room set the entire tone, therefore, it’s always worth placing your focus on lighting and colour schemes. Those two elements are crucial for all rooms but play an even greater role when the space is limited. Do not underestimate it! We've opted for a seaside theme as it's light, bright and easy to accesorise.

More recently, the bold tiled look is becoming a thing of the past, with many opting for the more stylish wall panel option. They say the bathroom wall panel revolution starts with the Panel Company! Aside from offering luxury aesthetics and the amazing perception of added space, this option can work wonders for keeping the room warmer when needed too.

As well as the walls, you need to consider the lighting. Installing LED spotlights can have a great impact on the restricted space. Most importantly, though, the windows should be dressed in the right manner. A translucent pane with a suitable accesory should do the trick. 


Getting those founding features under control will put you on the pathway to success. Then again, the key to injecting that homely vibe is to add a personal touch of character, would you choose a theme?
Choosing the right towels to suit your colour schemes instantly brings the room to life. Meanwhile, cactus accessories and other unique design choices offer a burst of personality. Even if it’s simply to brighten up windowsills, it really can make the world of difference to our micro bathrooms. 

A few candles and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker can transform bath time into something more special too. When the bathroom offers that sense of luxury and style, you cannot go wrong, regardless of the size.

Think Practically 

It’s great to have a bathroom that looks the part. However, you mustn’t forget the fact that this room is one where you complete several daily tasks. Moreover, it’s one that the whole family will want to use in the mornings, at bath time and beyond. So it must be ready to serve its purpose. 

One thing that's often forgotten about is that you should make sure that the shower pressure and sink drainage are performing as you desire, this has caused us massive issues in the past and is well worth sorting before doing the 'pretty' bits. The shower upgrade begins with the Life Hacker guide. This will save you valuable minutes each day. 

A bathroom without function will only ever provide limited joy. Get this right without overlooking the importance of appearances, and even a small space can offer huge enjoyment. How's your family bathroom looking?

This is a collaborative post.