Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shake That Weight >> Week One Weigh-In

Week 1 of 4

Last Monday I embarked on a new weightloss journey with Shake That Weight. To save repeating myself, if you want to read all about what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and why this works for me, pop over and read my intro post which you will find by clicking right here.

I've done diets of this kind before in 2015 and had amazing results, it's a real test of willpower which is something I don't seem to maintain with regular 'diets' but these really snap me out of my habits and get me back on track. This time I've opted for a four week trial and honestly, a week in and I'm loving it. The first few days were hard, seriously hard as any junk food junkie will understand. I'm writing this on day one of week two though and I have to say I feel amazing, less bloated, my brain fog has cleared, I have more energy and I don't constantly feel hungry despite having probably a quarter of the calories per day I have been used to.

I'm not sure why I feel so much better doing this? I put it down to less sugar and caffeine, more water and regular meals. My body will be ridding itself of toxins too, so it was never going to be completely plain sailing. Here's my diary from week one which you may have been following over on Instagram, but if not please do pop over and join me there as it's a great motivator! (My results and weightloss for week one are at the bottom of this post).

Week one diary

Day 1/Week1

Enjoyed the food, didn't feel deprived or hungry but failed to drink enough water. Went to bed not feeling hungry which was a nice surprise! All in all a good start. My favourite today was the choc mint shake, delicious!

Day 2

Started the day with a honey flavoured meal bar which I really didn't like, I'm not a honey fan though so not sure what I expected! Enjoyed my choc shake and had homemade burgers for dinner for my 400cal meal. Day went well, though I felt really tired, legs very achy and I felt utterly starved all day, my main meal couldn't come soon enough! I drank a little more water but still not enough. Head feels very clear with no brain fog, I like this.

Day 3

Hardest day yet, all the cravings today and although I battled through I found it tough! Day 3 has been a real test of will power. Loved the meals though, especially curry noodles which are a decent portion and really tasty. I had extra water today and although I'm tired I feel far less bloated.

Day 4

Started the day with a stonking head ache after a rubbish nights sleep with both kids waking up throughout. Avoided temptation, stuck to plan 100% and had a grill up for tea. I had a shake left to have after tea but forgot about it as I guess I just wasn't hungry or craving anything sweet which is pretty unheard of for me!

Day 5

Day 5 has been the best day yet. I've not felt hungry in the slightest and could probably quite happily of not eaten all day! I stuck to plan, had plenty of water and felt great. I no longer feel as tired, with no aches and cravings have gone. Again the food has been yummy, especially the chilli noodles.

Day 6 

Perfect day on plan, lots of temptations with it being the weekend but nothing distracted me. Feeling great!

Day 7

Another perfect day on plan along with my weigh in! Had a slightly bigger tea which I massively regretted instantly and probably won't do again on weigh day! Slapped wrists all round, back on plan 100% tomorrow.
So you're probably wondering how much weight I lost? Well, I'm really pleased considering I have felt full (mostly), I've still had a 'regular' meal once a day and I have really enjoyed the food and by large not felt deprived. I have lost...

I'm so pleased with my result, it's a great start and I really want to keep this up now and not only feel trimmer for our holiday later this month, but also a friends wedding next month too. I usually find week two harder on a diet but I'm really hoping this won't be the case this time. I don't feel I have missed out, I have an amazingly supportive husband who has created and carefully calculated our evening meals to keep me on track and I am loving feeling better!

With an 8.5 pound loss I'm really determined to keep it up and see it through until the end and hopefully beyond.

Wish me luck!